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PhotoHunt: Monthly


This week's theme is "Monthly."

Hardest theme ever! I thought about things I do monthly....at first, paying bills was the only thing I could think of and I don't have any photos of that. I was stumped.

But then I remembered that there are meds that you give to your pets monthly....heartworm pills, flea and tick preventative. And I do have photos of pets.

Here's a girl and her dog. I took this at a benefit dogwalk for a local animal protection group.


And here is Joey, my nine-month old kitten. He likes to hang out in the kitchen sink and watch me cook. He's such a great addition to the family!


You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.


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Comments (23)

I think you did a great job with the theme. I love the shot of the girl with her dog and also the one of your kitten. This was without a doubt the hardest theme yet. Happy weekend!


I agree with you, hard theme this week!! you did wonderfully, love that cute dog and your handsome kitty. May they stay healthy!!
Happy weekend.


Oooo... Joey is so cute! That name would be my next week's target :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great take on this week's theme. The little girl and her puppy and your new kitty, Joey are very adorable. Cool photo selections, especially of Joey relaxing comfortably in your sink.

Have a great weekend.


Oh, I absolutely love Joey - black cats are my absolute favorite.

Happy Weekend.


I think we all had to get creative with this theme. LOVE your take on the theme :)

They are such cute pets. Joey is definitely a sweetie! Happy weekend

Lovely pets... Nice take on this week's theme.


What a cute little doggie!


Yeah, it was so hard I almost thought of not playing this week! Ended up stretching... hope it'd be okay. Your entry works for me! :)

How cute! Joey looks sweet :)

Happy weekend!

Great for the theme. Happy weekend and hunting too.

We had a hard time too! You did great!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


i couldnt think of anything but the bills! and i wasnt able to find one pic for the theme. but i managed to find one that was not as obvious but relevant.

Yes, you did a great job. I love your kitty in the sink photo.

So cute :-)

This is much better than the old bill paying thing. Glad you thought of it and shared these cute snaps.

What an adorable picture of the girl and her dog (looks like a Bichon Frise). She looks so proud and happy to show off her puppy!

Your Joey sure has grown and look so cozy watching you cook. I always get a kick out of the places kittens choose as their favorite spot to rest and watch the action.

On the theme of cats and dogs: I have a new grand puppy and Daisy has a new playmate! Pablo and Ann adopted an Australian cattle puppy from Friends for Life. He's adorable, very friendly but a handful at 5 months old. The cats are getting used to having the dogs around and it looks like they are all getting along. If I get my blogging groove back I'll post photos of my new grand puppy.

Happy Sunday!

Great photos!

Joey reminds me of a kitty I once had - I called him Ebony.

This was a creative take -- love Joey:-)

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Maria, good to hear from you! And congratulations on the new grand puppy. I can't wait to "meet" him. :)

That was a tough theme. Not sure what I would have come up with. I like your take. Joey is so cute!!

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