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Art in the Landscape

A few more sculptures from the NCMA park~

Collapse I by South African artist Ledelle Moe. This sculpture makes me want to lay down in the grass and take a nap. :)


And then deep in the woods, an untitled work by the same artist. It's meant to represent a human figure rolled up in a ball, but the boys used it as as opportunity to act out the scene when Indiana Jones escapes from the huge rolling boulder. Interactive art!



The Lowes Park Pavilion, 2007, by Mike Cindric and Vincent Petrarca. From the museum website:

The perforated, metallic skin of the pavilion, inspired by the transparent quality of a dragonfly’s wings, changes with the time of day and the quality of light—reflecting its natural surroundings and taking on the colors of the trees, grass, and sky—or completely disappearing into a shimmering pattern of light and shadow.


Whisper Bench by Jim Gallucci. This one is fun too:

"Located on either side of a trail, the two sections of Whisper Bench are linked by a hidden sound pipe that allows visitors to whisper messages back and forth while sitting on opposite sides of the path."



It's SO much fun taking the boys to this museum. More to come...

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, these are such cool art sculptures. I really like the one imitating Indiana Jones' Boulder and your two nephews did a great job acting out that scene. They are so cute! I really like the whisper benches too and looks like your nephews enjoyed that piece as well.

I'm really enjoying your series featuring all these great sculptures and with the assistance of your wonderful nephews. Much thanks to them too. They bring these sculptures to life.

Looking forward to your next post. Have a great weekend!

Sorry, but I can't really concentrate on the sculptures with your wonderfully expressive nephews in the photos:-) They seem so full of life and wonderment - great to have you to share such varied interests. Love the red hair~m

Thanks gals! I'm a doting aunt so I love to read your praise of the boys. They really are cute, aren't they? :)


Great pictures -- and love art in landscape (as I think you'll see when you visit my blog for this week's Photo Hunt). :)

That is such a cool piece of art. I love it when they have them in a natural setting. I think that is why I like the Olympic Sculpture park so much.

Cool photos! The first photo reminds me of a movie - Valley of the Giants or Gulliver's Travels? where the giant was tied down. I love that you are exposing your nephew to all of this creative art.


What an interesting park! And your nephews are adorable.

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