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PhotoHunt: Purple


This week's theme is "Purple."

Hard choice because I had lots of possibilities for this theme. Decided to go with this purple flower on an artichoke~


You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.


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Very pretty :) But looks prickly!

Beautiful shot. It's almost like the artichoke has purple hair.


And a very good choice too. Happy weekend to you.

THat's a beaut! I can't wait for my cardoon to show a similar flower

beautiful--reminiscent of a Venus flytrap (at least to me). beautiful purple.

that's truly one of a kind. love your purple beauty.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's a great photo and choice for this week's theme. I had no idea that's how artichokes grow. Very cool.

Have a great weekend.

Don't think I've ever seen an artichoke blossom - do they grow in NC? Looks like a thistle. Great take on the theme.


Hi M, I think Artichokes are relatives of thistle. I took this in a community garden here in NC (not my own garden).


That's a special flower photo there. I'm sure I'll see a lot of flowers in Photo Hunt entries but the beauty is finding out how many different kinds of purple flowers there are out there in nature! :)

Whoa... this is a beautiful photo. Purple hair? :P

That is lovely. I didn't think of using a thistle although I do have one in my archives.


So pretty, I've never seen an artichoke flower before.

Oh, what a great choice you made! It is beautiful and perfect for the theme!

Nice take on the theme! I love artichokes. This isn't how I normally see them, though.


Wow, what a cool flower! Great take on the theme.

Mariposa's PH!


So pretty unique flower. Just gorgeous!

Purple blossom

I picked my artichokes before they bloomed... wanna bite?

Beautiful shot - I've never seen an artichoke in bloom!

Have a brilliant weekend.

That is a gorgeous shot of the artichoke bloom. Something so prickly looks so beautiful

We have some huge flowers on our (also huge) artichokes. Bill cut one and put it in a vase inside.

Beautiful flower Annie. I am always amazed when I see this flower since it seems so different than the artichoke. Must be cool to see on in person.

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