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PhotoHunt: Free


This week's theme is "Free."

Another theme that's open to interpretation. Is "free" the theme or is this a theme-free week (a free-for-all)? I bet we'll see some of both.

I'm going with some random pics that say "free spirit" to me.




You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend. Those of you in the midst of this heat wave, keep cool!


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Comments (27)


Great choices for the theme, too much freedom is hard to handle, lol.


those are some great pictures Annie. love the facial expression of the kid, how cute!

Your photos brought a smile today!

I love your free spirited photographs. Happy Weekend!


you did a great job. i liked your images, especially the shirt that says try a little kindness. that's the kind of message i wouldn't mind screaming across my chest.

have a great weekend.

LOVE the mannequin with blue hair! I would love to be so bold and FREE.


Wonderful photos, Annie -- you've really captured freedom! (Is that Maria? She's balancing on a pretty thin branch!)


Sandra, no. Maria isn't allowed to climb trees. :) I'm a strict mom. That's a very agile cat at the sanctuary.


Love them both! And yes, both are great interpretations of free spirits :)


Sometimes we get paralyzed by free choice but you have done a good job here.

Happy weekend to you.

Great selection of photos Annie. Perfect for the theme!

It was a very open theme again.

I love your interpretation and choices :-)


Love your free spirit photos for this week. I used a church :)

i love your vibrant interpretations.:p


Great choices of photos and take on this week's theme. Re the cat: I hope it's not one of those who is happy to climb up trees but then get afraid to climb down on their own... ;b

Hey! What's the cat doing so high up? Free feathered snacks up there? :P

I wish I had the balance of that kitty. We are in the middle of winter--so no heat wave Down Under.

I like that "Try a little kindness" hoodie :)

Very wonderful photos for the theme and I like your take on it! Very well done!I really like the sweatshirt, but might pass on the blue hat/hair!!!!

Happy weekend!

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I think the mannequin was created by someone with a free spirit or wished to be one! Cats are renowned as free spirits! And the young child is definitely a free spirit! Great collection of photos!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great photos and a very fun and creative take on this week's theme. Cool psychedelic shirt in your first photo. Interesting statue next to the little boy. The sweatshirt paired with the hairdo look in your 2nd photo was definitely done by a free spirit. And I love the free spirited climb of the kitty in your last photo. Very cute. Hope you have a great weekend.

Great photos, Annie! I especially liked the one of the kitty.

Of course cats are free to do whatever they want.

Nice shots!! And those are free. ^_^ Happy weekend!

The mannequin is great! Of course the others are good too, but that purple hat rocks.

The cat photo is gorgeous!

I am late with my post, but here hoping you can still take a peek on my FREE stuff.

Ooh, love the blue hair. Is that you, Marge (Simpson)? Your pictures are cool. The cat doesn't look amused at being photographed though.

These are fantastic choices!! I love all three! Well done :)

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