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PhotoHunt: Open


This week's theme is "Open."

At first, I wondered if this was "open theme" week but I decided to go with "open" as the specific theme. Didn't have to look hard at all to find some pics for this one.




You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend. Happy holiday weekend to those who celebrate July 4 (three-day weekend for me, woo hoo!).


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Comments (22)

Great shots for the theme. I have to say that cat might scare me if we met up in a dark alley.

I also wasn't sure if open meant post anything or use open as a prompt. I also noticed we have free coming up for next week and I'm not sure if free is a prompt or it means we are free to post anything. I think both could be taken a number of ways.

I hope you have a great independence day weekend!


I hope the cat was yawning and not about to attack!

Happy weekend to you Anne

I like your choices for the theme. The cat must have just gotten up from a nap! Have a wonderful LONG weekend!

Can I have some tuna, salmon and mackerel since you are open today? I would need to feed that cat as well with the mouth opening so widely... LOL! :P

What wonderful yawns. After your comment on my friday cat blogging shot I went for a gaping feline maw! Have a great weekend


Rawwwrrr! Great pics for the open theme :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, now that's two very cool yawns. I love how Maria has her eyes shut for her yawn. Wonderful photos and a very creative take on this week's theme.

Have an awesome 3 day long 4th of July holiday weekend too! whoo hoo

Do cats clean their teeth?


I too was wondering about the "open" theme. And then I saw that next week is "free"!!! So, like you, when for specific "open"s rather than "free choice". :)

Hysterical - great shots.

your cat is such a good photohunter. :)

Happy 4th and enjoy your holidays.

That cat's open mouth is huge! An amazing, fearsome sight! Perhaps the fact that the cat is black makes him/her look more terrifying!

Great shots of your kitties!! Perfect for this weeks theme. I could not come up with anything! Have a great week end!

That second one is precious :)

happy weekend!

What great photos for the theme! I really like the colorful open sign! And kitty...well!!!!

My entry is here:


That second one made me and the kids laugh. Very good. :-)

OMG! I LOVE the cat photos! Of course, I am a sucker for kitties, so that's no surprise.

Great captures of the kitties. I love kitty yawns.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Have a great holiday Annie!

haha i love how you captured the cat's yawn!

Cute :) LOVE the OPEN sign also! Have a great holiday!

That is a lovely colourful sign. I don't think I would want to get too close to those cats mouths.

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