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PhotoHunt: Numerical


This week's theme is "Numerical."

Tough theme! I had to look for a while before I found photos of this scupture with a vaguely numerical inspiration.

It's called "All the Possibilites of Stacking Up to Two Cubed to Sit On" by artist Vernon Pratt. This sculpture is outside the Durham Arts Council building.

I have a hazy memory of doing math problems like this in school many years ago. Makes me glad my math class days are over!



Durham Arts Council

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

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Comments (21)


Great entry for a tough theme!

This is a fantastic find for the theme. I thought numerical was hard too.

Reference mine, in case you do visit, you might not want to go there looking for hardware, ha. The old Briggs Hardware building downtown was restored and houses the Raleigh City Museum and is owned by a number of non profits. They also rent out offices there. I haven't been inside for a while and at one point part of it still had a hardware store section but I'm pretty sure they don't have that any more. Briggs Hardware is still in business but I think they sell most of their hardware in Raleigh at the newer store on Atlantic Avenue.


Love the artistic theme of this post. Wonderful find.

what a beautiful choice for this weeks theme. Very unique.

Great take on the theme. I love this installation.. and I'm glad that maths is in my past.. My brain melted when it came to calculus


Artists aren't folks one thinks of as all that mathematically inclined -- but in this particular case, people would be wrong to think that! :D

great find!

same here for Math :)

happy weekend! :)

It really sounded like build your own chair to me.. LOL! But... the entry is unique. :)

great pictures and love your take on the theme. happy weekend.

that is a very interesting concept and great for the theme.


good pic for the theme!

mine is up here


see you!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, very creative take on this week's theme. I found it one of the toughest ones since I started PH. I really love the artistic use of the theme. Really cool photos.

Have a great weekend.

The sculpture is interesting and unique you definitely nailed the theme!
I can see that there are lots of us here who have the same sentiments about maths, enough I guess to form a club *lol*

Great find for the theme and very interesting art piece. It definitely challenge you both in math and art.

Have a great weekend.


WOW, interesting subject... so fitting for the theme. You did great.

Mine is up now too. It's right here:


This is very interesting,... great choice!

What an interesting place to visit with an interesting thought.

I am not adept with math beyond the four basic operations and everything with alphanumeric details shocks me :D

Great take on the theme - I'm impressed by Durham's art public art collections. Thanks for bringing them forward.

Wow! This has to be the most unique take on this weeks theme Annie, love the pictures of the sculptures.

As for math...well, I was in 11 grade schools ....yeh!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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