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PhotoHunt: Orange


This week's theme is "Orange."

I love color themes. I posted an orange Venetian sunset the first time we did this theme. This time I'm staying closer to home~

My sweet orange cat, LuLu~


Bumblebee on an orange flower. I think this flower is called Butterfly Weed but I'm not sure.~


Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

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Comments (22)

Marmalade comes to mind!

Of course the first pix would be the best... LOL! But I love the details in the second one as much too. Nice shots there Annie. :)


love the orange tabby. i intend to adopt one of those to add to my b/w kitty emma.

Your cats a beauty and I also like the orange flower the bee is feeding on. Happy weekend.

lovely photos :)


D'awwww Lulu is adorable! Both great pics :)

beautiful cat--love your choices for orange.


Beautiful Orange pics !!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, Lulu is so beautiful and she is a perfect choice. I don't have very many regrets in my life, except for one...

these are great captures and beautiful subjects!

happy weekend! :)


Great photos -- both. Re the cat: she looks pensive in the photo... ;b

Lulu is a very sweet looking kitty!

Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Both are lovely and perfect for the theme :-)

Just love orange cats! So pretty

beautiful shots but the second shot is the winner. happy weekend.

Her Royal Gorgeousness, Lulu =) Cats always love the sunshine! I love the bee and the flowers too - it's nature at work. Can't choose which one is my favorite -- both are equally perfect for this week's theme.

I love the picture of LuLu - especially how you captured her look with the shadows. And bumblebee is so cool. You are correct - the flower is Butterfly weed. We also grow it hoping to attract Monarch butterflies but no luck. They are very rare in our area but you should be able to attract them.


Beautiful photos. How wonderful that you were able to take a photo of that bee visiting the flower up close. Awesome.

Mine is now up too...

the cat was a given I forgot to expect:) what a huge bug

Beautiful pictures!!
Lulu is really adorable!
And the contrast between the green and the orange is amazing!
Have a nice weekend Annie.


Adorable pic of LuLu :)

And your second photo is gorgeous - brilliant colours. Plus I have a real fondness for bumble bees!

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