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PhotoHunt: HOT!


This week's theme is "HOT!"

It's been a wickedly hot summer here in NC (officially the hottest on record, they say), but none of the photos I've taken recently show how sweltering it's been. I couldn't find anything else for this theme in my archives but then inspiration struck in my local grocery store.

Habanero peppers. Beautiful but eat at your own risk! I once made a Jamaican stew using one of these peppers, and it was so hot that it was inedible. I had to throw it out in the yard.


Wasabi peas. Love these things even though they make me cry~


Hot candy. I've never tried it.


Texas Pete Hot Sauce. Love this stuff, but the name is misleading. It's been made here in North Carolina since 1929. I guess they didn't think "North Carolina Pete" would inspire people to buy a hot sauce, and Texas does have a spicier reputation.

Texas Pete is pretty mild as far as hot sauces go. It's vinegar-based so it's really more sour than spicy, but the flavor is good. It has a score of 737 on the Scoville Heat Scale. By contrast, those deadly habaneros' score is 100,000 - 350,000!


Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend. Keep cool out there. Happy long holiday weekend to those of you celebrating Labor Day.

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Comments (21)

Love your take on the theme! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is a great take on the theme. Spicey hot never even crossed my mind. Great collection of hot photos and I love that link. I didn't know there was a hot scale. I use tobasco here and there to spice things up and was surprised to learn how low it is on the scale. Makes me wonder about the one's high up there. :)

Keep cool too and have a great long holiday weekend.

Great take on the theme. Did you know that if you eat something with really hot peppers, what helps the most is then drink milk. Milk helps more than water. I was told that and was surprised how well it worked. This has been an unbelievably hot summer, relentless. Happy weekend.


You cornered this theme so fabulously. Those are truly HOT!!!!

Have a lovely long weekend.

Those peppers are very HOT. I love how you composed that photo.

Hot stuff. I've never seen wasabi peas before. Have a great wekend

I love your HOT theme! Habaneros are not for sissies, so that leaves me out!


Wonderfully different take on this theme. Those peppers look so gorgeous too.

Happy weekend to you


I've tried those hot tamales. Strangely enough, they tasted to me like chewing tobacco (which I also tried some of that summer that I spend doing archaeology in the southwest)! :O


I don't do hot peppers.. the Texas Pete is good, but I prefer Lousiana hot sauce.. Great take on the theme!

what a delicious 'hot' entry. love those wasabi peas.

As a native NM I grew up on hot food. I love to eat wasabi peas with a cold beer after a long hike. I haven't tried Texas Pete Hot Sauce, but love Franks. Nice collection of photos for this weeks theme.

nice choices you have here. i have a bad experience with wasabi. :(

happy weekend! :)

What a great collection for "hot", so perfect for this weeks theme. I love wasabi peas too! I did not enter this week, could not come up with an idea. Have a great week end.

Lots of different heat there - you outdid yourself this week Annie!

I hope that Walt hasn't ruined your weekend!


I won't go for the wasabi peas but I'd love to have those tamales. :)

Have a great weekend.

Liz @ MLC

Oooo I'll take the Wasabi peas, but you can keep the rest.

I love your take on this theme. Those peppers do look rather tempting but I will heed your advice :-)

Nice collection of hot stuff. We're developing quite the craving for it. We're almost up to liking the habenaros. Yumm... Now I just wish our summer had been hot.

Hope you are having a good holiday weekend.

Spicy-habahaba! Great idea. I totally blanked on this one. I do like wasabi beans especially on a hot night with a cold beer!

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