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PhotoHunt: School


This week's theme is "School."

A deconsecrated church in Venice that’s now a school.


One of the San Magno churches, Santa Guistina was founded in the 7th century and rebuilt several times over the centuries. The present building dates to the 17th century, and the sarcophagi on the façade are the resting places of members of the wealthy Soranzo family who paid for the rebuilding. The façade was designed by architect Baldassarre Longhena, whose most famous work is the beautiful church of Santa Maria della Salute which graces the Grand Canal.

Santa Guistina was closed in the early 19th century after the Venetian Republic fell to Napoleon. For a while it was used as a military academy, and since 1924, it’s been a science high school, the Liceo Scientifico.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

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Comments (19)

What a beautiful building! I would have loved to have attended school there :)

a lovely school and thanks for the history lesson. happy weekend.


such a beautiful building. around here i hear a church has been converted into apartments.

Annie, you know so much about Venice churches - our resident expert!

Thanks for sharing!

What an interesting history and a beautiful school. Happy weekend!

what a beautiful looking school. I could learn there.

What a great place to go to school :-)


What a joy to go to school in such an historic building. Although probably the children could care less. I hope not.

Happy weekend to you.

Ooh what a wonderful location for a school. Far more interesting than the boxes I attended between the ages of 5 and 18!


Wow... I would have loved to have gone to a school with such an impressive historical building! :)


What a historical sight...I would love to attend school in there. :)


It sure makes for a stately school.

historic indeed. at least they've turned into a school and not a hotel.

happy weekend! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that is an amazing building and a great choice for this week's theme. So interesting to learn about the sarcophagi. I also love the Santa Maria della Salute.

Have a great weekend too.

Snap - almost! But my school building isn't nearly so grand.

What a beautiful school that old church makes!

Thanks for sharing.
I really did learning something here

I thought it looked similar to Santa Maria della Salute. This is a very neat post for the theme. Who would have thought of an old church for a school. Although it might be kinda creepy to have the crypts right there above the school.

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