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The Spritz, a Venetian Staple, is Welcomed Abroad

Here's an article from last week's New York Times about the classic Venetian drink, the Spritz, which seems to be catching on around the world. I'd never had one (or even heard of them) until I went to Venice.

The amazing thing about a spritz is that it's a drink for all seasons....it's refreshing in hot weather and warms you up in the winter. The article also includes a recipe and this funny quote:

“There’s a saying in Venice,” Mr. Lo Duca said, “that bars and churches never go out of business here.” :)

As the article explains, there are different kinds of spritz depending on what is added to the wine/fizzy water base. I always order "bitter" which is a spritz made with Campari. Here's the recipe from Michela Scibilia's book, Venice Botteghe:

4 parts white wine
3 parts sparkling mineral water or better, soda water
2 parts Select, Campari or Aperol

olive, lemon rind, or orange rind

The one in my photo (at Bar da Gino) had both lemon rind and an olive. Eating the olive at the end is the best part!

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Comments (8)

This sounds like an interesting drink. Think I'll make one/few this weekend!

M, let me know how you like it!

I had my first one(s) on my last trip in May. Can't say I love it yet... I prefer Prosecco. But I'll try again in December!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's a really cute quote. :) I've never tried Spritz before. It does sound refreshing ... maybe I can try it for the first time like I did my prosecco on my next trip to Venice.

Thanks so much for sharing the recipe, in case I can't wait that long to try it. Have a good day today.


Yay for spritz!! Maria introduced me to it when we spent a couple days together. I believe we had the Aperol version, SO yummy!!

Annalivia, next time I'm in Venice I want to try the one made with cynar (the artichoke liqueur). I'm curious!

Kathy, they are easy to make if you can't wait until your next trip.

Anne, I remember seeing photos that either you or Maria posted of the outdoor table with your spritz. I like the Aperol version too!

Have a good weekend everyone.

I have never had a spritz either. What other options are there besides Campari and Aperol? I was going to check out the article you mentioned, but I can't seem to find the link.

Oops! Sorry! The link was so large, I thought it was a title for the post.

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