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PhotoHunt: Dark


This week's theme is "Dark."

How lucky that I live with a black cat for this Halloween weekend theme.

Dark fur, bright bright spirit. :)

Baby boy

Crazy eyes

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

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Comments (19)


Beautiful dark cat!! Happy Halloween and happy weekend :)

She's gorgeous! :) Purrrfect for the theme!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, perfect choice for this week's theme. I love his big bright eyes. You are indeed very lucky. I also love catching a glimpse of Lulu in the background.

Have a great weekend.

what an adorable cat, a great companion to have. Happy Halloween!

Great shots of your cat with those large alert eyes. Perfect for the theme. Happy Halloween weekend!


what a beautiful black cat. the fur is so shiny.


What a cutie, and a familiar for the halloween theme too.
Happy weekend.

Aww what a beautiful little familiar! Have a great weekend


Believe it or not, my first thought when seeing the first photo was: Poor thing, she's broken a leg and it's in a cast!!! :D

Glad to realize upon second look that's not the case... and your cats look like real sweeties... with no darkness within them at all. :)

That is truly a DARK black cat. Happy Halloween.


Your cat is adorable!

Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween weekend.

Liz @ MLC

She's beautiful. I love how her eyes change color.

A spunky black cat in focus and a pumpkin coloured cat in the shadows...you couldn't have planned your Halloween themed photo any better ;)

Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween for tomorrow!

How appropriate! Bright eyes to match the bright spirit. I was thinking too how I have Halloween decorations all year round when I saw the costumes on the kiddies at parties..Happy Halloween!

Dark sparkling eyes too :-)


Adorable!! Love those "Who? ME?" eyes...very mischievous!


she can be scary at night.

Maria is getting so big! She is beautiful and the perfect Halloween cat. Love these photos!

I do remember you new cat Joey! I just forgot he was also black. He is sooo cute! Thanks for correcting me :)

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