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Shrine with Crucifix


A fascinating shrine in Dorsoduro, close to the church of Angelo Raffaele. The large and ornate tabernacle houses a 15th century painted wooden crucifix which had been hanging on this wall unprotected for centuries (the tabernacle was added in the mid 19th century). The shrine was restored by the Knights of San Marco in 1983 and then again more recently by Venice in Peril. I'd love to know the story of the crucifix and why it was outside and not inside the church.


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How beautiful! I love it!


Interesting question -- more accessible outside, perhaps? The Venice in Peril site suggests it was very deliberately placed outside, which does intrigue....

Thanks Nancy!

Sandra, I wonder if something happened in the neighborhood that made them think they needed divine protection? I'm sure there's a story somewhere!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's really unique. I'm very curious about the background story too. Venice is so full of mysteries and intrigue...I love it too.

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