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Thank you Bert!


Thanks so much to my blog friend and fellow lover of Venice for sending this beautiful photo and allowing me to post it on the blog. I love seeing photos of shrines I haven't found yet, and this is a nice one with a particularly exuberant baby Jesus.

Bert noted the inscription on the bottom of the icon - "Lady Layard fece regalo" or Gift of Lady Layard, a British noblewoman who lived in Venice from 1883 until her death in 1912. She was married to Sir Henry Layard, an archeologist and later a diplomat. The NY Times article about her death focuses on the huge collection of Italian paintings the Layards bequeathed to the National Gallery in London; another vintage article talks about how the Italians tried to prevent this "magnificent collection" from leaving Italy. Seems that the Italians lost that fight as about 80 paintings from the Layard Bequest are in London now.

The shrine is in Calle del Magazen o del Bastion, San Polo 2029. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person the next time I’m in Venice. Thanks Bert!

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that is a beautiful photo that your blog friend kindly sent to you to share with all of us. Thanks Bert...it's a lovely shrine and a great find. I found the background on the Layards and the linked articles very interesting to read.

I'll be very cool for you to see it on your next visit to Venice. Thanks so much for sharing.

Thanks Kathy. I think it's such a beautiful shrine and very unique. There's a chapter about the Layards in Venice in the book "Paradise of Cities" - I hope to find time to re-read it this weekend.

A: Venice doesn't seem large enough to hold so many shrines. It must be interesting uncovering one that you weren't familiar with! Thanks for sharing.


Oh that is just lovely! The exuberant baby Jesus brought a smile to my face. :)

M, so many of the shrines in Venice are tucked away and hard to find. It's fun to search for them.

Thanks Anne. Happy Friday!


Exuberant is the perfect word; that is one feisty baby Jesus. It reminds me of a Della Robbia ceramic.


Your blog is a treasure trove of Venice information! Thank you to Bert for the beautiful photo.

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