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I Gatti Piu Belli Del Mondo


The most beautiful cats in the world? I laughed when I saw this poster on the streets of Venice and was bummed that I had to go home and was unable to attend this event, whatever it was. A cat show or a sale, perhaps? The cats on the poster are hilarious.

Everyone agrees that cute little dogs have taken over Venice but the felines aren't completely gone. While it's not that common anymore to see "real" cats on the streets, I did see a bunch of them in shop windows...

venezia cat



These portraits are classic. Love the outfits and the views of Venice through the windows.



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I have a soft spot in my heart for any kitties, so I would have gone to the event, whatever it was.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, oh what a funny group of cats on the poster. That would have been so fun if you happen to be there for that event. I love that second shot. Wonderful collection of window displays. They have such great expressions on them.

Your post today made me think about the cat museum in Amsterdam. I'm not sure they will be as creative as these. I'm looking forward to my visit there. Thanks so much for sharing.


Hilarious! I love the cats popping out of the popcorn container.

I hadn't realized that cats were being crowded out of Venice by small dogs.I'm beginning to think about a visit to Venice next spring, if I go I'll have to keep an eye out for this.

I would love to see a cat show. I'm thinking it would be a lively, chaotic event:-)

Nancy, I would have gone too!

Kathy, I hope you have a great trip to Amsterdam, I can't wait to hear all about it!

Sandra, it does look like a popcorn bucket, doesn't it? Oh yes, you'll see hundreds of cute little lap dogs all over Venice. Still a few cats but not as many as there were a few decades ago. Spring in Venice sounds great!

Menehune, you know what they say about herding cats...:)


hello Annie,

How could I get in touch with you personnally being interested in your churches knowledge around venice...?
I didn't find your email on the blog.

Alex from dorsoduro

kind regards

Hi Alex, please check your email!

What a great post for the theme. The cats in the paintings are such fun and I love you starting with the scratch poster.

Carver, this is so funny. I didn't even think about using cats for the "scratch" theme but it works!

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