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Ahh Venice...


I'm home from a week in Venice...in a bit of a jet-lagged haze but very happy. That place continues to amaze me; even in parts of the city where I've spent lots of time, I'd see things I'd never noticed before.

Since it was a short trip, I decided not to blog while I was there. Plus I felt the need to take a technology break. No TV, no Internet, no cell phone, even no newspapers...it was very therapeutic and fun. I did pop in an Internet cafe once a day to email my mom and read the reports from the pet sitter (my kitties did fine but they are glad I'm back home).

One of the reasons I went at this particular time was to be there on November 21 for the Festa della Madonna della Salute, a truly wonderful experience. The festa actually goes on for almost a week and they build a temporary votive bridge across the Grand Canal; I loved walking across that bridge. The Sunday of the Festa was the only day of bad weather while I was there....torrential rain and turn-the-umbrella-inside-out wind. But it didn't stop the Venetians from coming to pay homage to the Madonna as they've been doing for centuries. It's a beautiful celebration.

The acqua alta sirens sounded a few times but it wasn't as bad as it was when I was there in December 2008 or May 2004. I did have to take a few detours to avoid a flooded calle, but I didn't have to wear the dreaded plastic boots this time. And there were several incredible warm and blue-sky days...I was very lucky!

So as soon as I recover (and finish labeling my photos before I forget where I was when I took them), I'll be blogging about my trip. Some great church visits (went inside five new ones to add to my life list) plus lots of shrines, cats, radicchio, Torcello, pizza, and all the other things I love about Venezia.

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Welcome home! That's a beautiful shot and I'm glad you could be there for the celebration.


Welcome home, Annie! What a wonderful shrine, and a cool photo -- the reflection of the street behind you is a great effect.

I'm really looking forward to hearing more about your trip, and your new discoveries. I'm hoping to have several days in Venice in June, and your reports are making me even more keen. I've even begun re-reading old Donna Leon novels. (I'm deep in Acqua Alta at the moment.)

Welcome home Annie! Can't wait to read more about your trip. Very very cool photo!!

Welcome back Annie! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip! Can't wait to read your "report". I'm sure your head is still filled with beautiful images!
Take care,


I'll join in welcoming you back too! Can't wait to hear and see more of Venice through your eyes. Love this photo -- the reflection just seems to add another layer to the effect of the photo. m

I was wondering where you had vanished to for the last while. LOL

I can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

My friend was in Venice on her honneymoon last week and had a blast.

I didn't realize you were going to Venice, but I'm glad that you're home safely and that your trip was wonderful.

I just finished re-reading 1000 Days in Venice (Marlena De Blasi) last night, and she talked about the Festa on November 21.

I am up to book #15 of Donna Leon's Venice series and am loving them! I will probably have time to re-read all 19 by next May when I go there.

Welcome home, Annie! I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

Kathy (trekcapri):

Hi from Berlin Annie, I wanted to also welcome you home! That's a beautiful photo and I can't wait to read about your trip. I already took a quick peek at your first report. Very beautiful photos and it brought back wonderful memories. looking forward to reading more. Hope you're recovery from jet lag is going smoothly...talk to you again soon.


So glad that you had a great trip,Annie. Love that picture!

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