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PhotoHunt: Itchy


This week's theme is "Itchy."

When you're itchy, go ahead and....


Tough theme! This was the best I could do. :) This is the door to a bakery here in NC (I love the name).

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!

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Comments (19)


Wonderful!! you managed very well on this difficult theme.
Happy weekend!

Itchy for cakes and breads ar... Hehe... just buy it..

Haha! GREAT take on this theme and yes it was tough :)


that's funny find.

i sure hope the scratch would mean all products made from scratch and not products would induce scratching :)

happy hunting.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's a perfect take on this week's theme. :) Great photo!

Have a great weekend.

I would say made from scratch or an itch for fine pastries but I've been beaten to the mark! Nice take on the theme


It's called associative thinking or something like that and we are good at it!


A tough theme indeed -- and have to say that I don't end up getting "treated" to tons of photos of rashes and such like! :D

Great take on the theme... I have no ideas for this one.. so I'm passing.

HaHa...love you take on this hard theme!
Have a nice weekend!


Itchy for sweets! Love your take on the theme.

Have a great weekend!

hahaha! great take!

Good job on today's Hunt!
It would have been more difficult for us, but the timing was good..sadly :(

Happy Weekend!
~ Napoleon


Love that bakery name. At first I thought it was "Scratch and Sniff"... must be the teacher in me and all the stickers that I am around.

Cool take on the theme. I found it difficult too.... but I did find onel. :)

LOL - thank goodness for that bakery! What a bit of luck for this week's theme.

Have a wonderful weekend.

That is a good one for the theme :-)

I couldn't think of anything for this one.

Super idea, A!

Brilliant idea!

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