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San Giacomo?

Saint for children--San Giacomo dall Orio

Thanks to blog friend Marie for sending this photo to me. She spotted this relief on San Giacomo dall'Orio, on the side of the church closest to Al Prosecco wine bar. It's funny because I've spent so much time in this campo but had never noticed this little saint. Something else I look forward to seeing the next time I'm in Venice. We assume it's San Giacomo but aren't sure. He's charming, whoever he is.

I've written about this church before but thought I'd post a few more photos of it. Each side of this church looks so different, it would be easy to think they aren't all photos of the same church.




Another thing I love about this campo...La Zucca, my favorite restaurant in Venice. The last time I was in Venice, La Zucca was doing two seatings per night, one at 7 and another at 9:30, and while it was easier to get a table for the earlier seating, it was important to book for either one even in the winter time. Great place.

La Zucca

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I think they've been putting those fire hydrants (see La Zucca photo) all over Venice since the Fenice fire. I'm sure they are necessary, and I know it's traditional for anything connected with fire safety to be red, but they certainly spoil many a good photo (imo). do they have to be red? I mean, only firemen can use them, and they must know where they all are, so can't they be camouflaged to blend in with the background?

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that is a really cute saint. I saw a great video about this campo before I left and made it a point to visit it. It's a wonderful campo and one of the more larger ones that I can remember seeing there. I also loved seeing this church. That's a great photo collection of all the different sides. Maybe the relief is San Giacomo. That's very cool.

I wished I had dined at La Zucca but for some reason I could not find it. Thanks so much to you and your friend Marie for sharing.


This really is a fascinating church; and with every side looking so different, hard to believe it's the same place! Someday, I want to see those fossils in the floor.

Hi Annie,
here is what Rizzi says about the little saint:
Bassorilievo (arte provinciale bizantina: X-XI s. ?) San Giorgio in piedi, reggente la lancia e lo scudo. Il santo indossa una veste corta stretta alla cintola, calzari con altri gambali e un manto ricadente all'indietro. (p.426)
This neighbourhood is full of little treasures!
Have a nice weekend!

AnnaLivia, thank you! So it's actually St. George sans dragon. And maybe 1,000 years old. How interesting.

I ran Rizzi's text through google translate:

Bas-relief (Byzantine provincial art: X-XI s.?) San Giorgio standing ruler a spear and shield. The saint wears a short narrow waist, leggings and shoes with other mantle falling backwards. (P.426)

Bert, I wondered what those red things were. I thought they might be ashtrays. :)

Kathy, La Zucca isn't actually in the campo but is just a short walk north. You walk with Al Prosecco wine bar to your left, cross the first bridge to the right and it's right there next to the canal.

Sandra, the fossils are really pretty amazing. And large!

San Giacomo is soooo cute! I have spent a lot of time in this Campo also and have never seen this relief either. I guess we just both need to go back! =)

La Zucca is my favorite restaurant in Venice. I don't remember seeing the red fire hydrants either. I went back to check my photo of La Zucca. I think the fire hydrant must have been hidden if it was there because there is a green bush right where the hydrant is in your photo. Interesting.

Girasoli, that is interesting. I wonder if the bush was hiding it?



Isn't that intersting! I just discovered that you'd posted the photo of the saint--and discovered via AnnaLivia that it's St. George, not James. Ah, the wonders of a blog.

We're heading back to Venice late April and I wondered if you'd be willing to offer suggestions on staying in a convent or an apartment.

Enjoying your blog, as always,


Hi Marie, good to hear from you! Yes, I was happy to learn that it's St. George, thanks to AnnaLivia. I saw the little saint in person when I was in Venice in November.


Have you looked at the apartment reviews on Slow Travel? That's a good place to start and I'll be happy to answer any other questions. The apartment where I've stayed twice is Il Giardino di Giulia and you'll see my review on there.

I stayed in a wonderful place in November: B&B Fujiyama. Small place (only 4 rooms) with super nice owners and in a great neighborhood in Dorsoduro.

About convents, some people love them but most of them have curfews which is a deal breaker for me (not that I'm a night owl but you never know how long it will take to get from one place to another in Venice, and I would not want to be locked out!).

Venice in April...how wonderful! Talk soon, Annie

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