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PhotoHunt: Funny


This week's theme is "Funny."

When I was in Venice last month, I had lunch outdoors at Trattoria Busa alle Torre on the island of Murano. There was a sign on the door that said "please do not feed the pigeons" in a bunch of different languages.

Well, these two pigeons took matters into their own hands. Before I could shoo them away, they both took a bite of the bread in the basket. I thought it was pretty funny (and I didn't want the bread anyway).


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Comments (12)

Wow they are brave! That is funny story, and good you didn't want the bread :)

That's hilarious. I guess the pigeons can't read. Happy weekend.


Great capture and funny situation!! happy weekend and happy hunting!



It appears that these birds have done this before, and are pro when it comes to getting their own meal :)

Haha nobody told the pigeons though! Great take on the theme

that is funny indeed. love the shot.


Woah, aggressive pigeons! Guess they're VERY used to humans -- and being fed by them! :O

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, very funny and a great photo. I wonder if they knew you didn't want the bread anyway and thought they'd help out. :)


Haha. They must be very hungry.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Liz @ MLC

ha.... Those pigeons were too bold! Happy weekend Annie!

LB :

Did you buy any glass beads at Murano? :D


LB, I didn't do any shopping on Murano...isn't that awful?!? Between lunch and a couple of churches, I ran out of time. :) Next time! Annie

Aren't they cheeky? :-)

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