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Shrines by the votive bridge

Of course, I loved the fact that there were shrines on both entrances to the votive bridge, one on each side of the Grand Canal. On the San Marco side was this green and white tabernacle flanked by stone lion heads.


And on the Dorsoduro side of the bridge, there was this large shrine-within-a-shrine.


Daniel asked how long it took to take the bridge down. Not very long, I don't think. It closed Monday night at 11 pm and they took it down in the middle of the night. Early Tuesday morning I walked down there and it was gone until next year.


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Lovely shrines, I really admire how well tended they are!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, both shrines are very beautiful. And I also love how well they are maintained and adorned with pretty flowers and vases. The Venetians are so good at what they do. Even those high water platforms, they are so fast and organized.

Thanks so much for sharing your photos.

Do you think one person is responsible for a shrine? Wonder how that works?

M, I'd love to know too! I think it probably varies by shrine. Maybe the ones in residential courtyards are taken care of by the neighbors while others might be tended to by members of the nearest parish church. Not sure about ones like these which are in more public places. It's funny because I've never run into anyone actually tending to a shrine. I imagine this team of Venetian ladies doing it.


I have a lot of catching up to do! Have had a quick skim of your trip entries, but want to go through again and read more carefully. I'm glad you had a good trip. I love that you got to cross over the votive bridge, that must have been so awesome, spiritually and physically. Sounds like it would feel like walking on a floating dock...or perhaps like walking on water? ;)

I just remembered this morning that you and Kathy aren't on Facebook, so thought I would share a quick update in case you were wondering where I've been lately! We were in a pretty bad car accident a couple weeks ago. Car was written off but we are all ok, other than whiplash. I'll write an entry soon and post pics of the old car and the new one (new to us, not brand new).

Have a great weekend!!

Oh Anne, how scary! I'm glad you all are okay. Gonna come leave a comment on your blog right now.

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