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Inside the hospital

A few other scenes from inside the Ospedale Civile. What a fascinating place. Cloisters, cats, vere da pozzo, mosaics, a church, and a Madonna...so many of my favorite things. I didn't take a photo but there's even a bar in there which might be more unusual than the cats when compared to hospitals in the USA.


vera da pozzo

At first, I thought she was holding Mardi Gras beads but when I got closer, I realized they are rosaries. :)





This vera da pozzo has a very nice lion's face carved on it, and I wish I'd walked out there to get a closer look and photo. I guess I was so discombobulated about how lost I was that I didn't think about it. Another thing to add to my "next time" list along with the library. My friend Bert had given me good directions about how to find the library and told me that you have to ring the bell and then someone will come let you in. I finally found it and rang the bell but unfortunately, no one came...they must have been busy or maybe they were hanging out in the hospital bar. Next time!

vera da pozzo



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This does seem to be a fascinating, and very beautiful, hospital. Very different from the sort I'm used to seeing!

I especially love the mosaic and the Madonna with all of the rosaries.

I also love your use of discombobulated!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderful photos and that is pretty unique to have a bar there. I also love the colorful rosaries. I would find this place so interesting to explore.

Thank you so much for sharing.


I think a bar in a hospital makes perfect sense!
Lovely photos, as always.

Amy, you make a good point. :)

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