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PhotoHunt: Hands


This week's theme is "Hands."

A few carved-in-stone hands seen on the streets of Venice. I was surprised how many of these I had.

We did this theme a couple of years ago; my first take on this theme was more colorful and less stony than this one. :)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.





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Comments (20)

I like both of your takes on this theme, but I especially like the saying "If We All Hold Hands We Can't Fight" on the one photo from the first :) Happy weekend!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great take and an awesome photo collection of these carved in stone hands from Venice. I also loved your colorful collection too.

Have a great weekend!


I did remember the last time we did HANDS.

What pretty neat finds - you were able to make a set.


Great hand photos!

Have a fun weekend.

Liz @ MLC

These are wonderful choices. Your travels give you so many good photographs for the themes. Happy weekend.

I love your take on the theme. A really nice selection of carvings


I know where No.2 and No.4 are, but not No.1 and No.3.


Hi Bert, No. 1 is in Santa Croce, very close to campo San Stin. No. 3 is in the Rialto Market area.

great collection of photos for the theme. happy weekend.


Wonderful selection of hands, even if not alive.

Happy weekend to you.


The pictured hands remind of the different hand "poses"/gestures that the Buddha gets shown making. Gather that each and every one of them has a particular meaning -- but not being religiously inclined, I frequently don't know what they're supposed to be saying. :S

It looks great entries for the theme...Happy hunting.

A: Such a great collection! This is a great post for this week's theme. I was, on the other hand, more mundane.

What a lovely take on this theme. Great shots of hands.

I remember your more colorful one, but this on is very interesting. I kept my eye out for all the different monuments and carvings when I was in Venice, because of all of the ones I have learned about on your blog!! :))

very interesting reliefs. enjoy the weekend.

very nice selection!

happy weekend! :)

I am always amazed how many items you can find in your never ending photos of Venice. This is a great collection.

Interesting photos of hands in stone. :)

Great finds! Love them all!!

I had a hard time finding one this time. I wanted to do a different take than the clock hands I did last time.

A great idea for the theme :-)

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