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Pink Umbrella

pink umbrella

A large neighborhood shrine I found when I spent the day on Giudecca. I like the letter "M" in the metalwork.The holy image inside this one is a colorful Pieta tableau. The pink umbrella is a nice touch too.




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C E Westwood:

Lovely photos! I hope to see these in person before the end of the year. I just discovered your blog and am enjoying going through all your past postings. I would like to know how welcome tourists are inside the ospedale civile. Is there a procedure you need to go through in order to reach the sites you have photographed? Thanks for any advice.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I love your blog title. I had not heard of the term Pieta Tableau before. It does look very colorful. Wonderful photo collection and seems like a cool place to lean one's pink umbrella to dry.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful find with us.

Hi CE, thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog. Always nice to connect with another Venice lover! I had the same question about entering the ospedale. I learned from my friend Bert that the best time to go is Tuesday-Thursday from 8:30-2:00. That's when the library is open to the public. So that's when I went and I just walked right in. Good luck and have fun in Venice (tell the hospital cats I said hello!)

Kathy, thanks. You know how much I love these shrines and I found some very cool ones on Giudecca!


Wonderful photos, Annie -- but that Pieta is something else! I couldn't help snicker (what a bad Catholic I am!) at the overly dramatic tableau! Still, the shrine itself is quite striking.

As I get further into my planning for Venice in June, I hope to get some advice from you on which island would be best to visit, as my first. I've been to Venice itself a few times, but never ventured out to Giudecca, or Murano, or Torcello....so many lovely options!

Sandra, one word: TORCELLO!
It's truly awesome. And it's easy enough to stop by Burano and/or Murano on the way back. You have to change vaporettos on Burano anyway. But Torcello is the best of them all, in my opinion, and I think you'll love that cathedral and just the overall vibe out there.

LOL about being a bad Catholic. :) This scene took me by surprise too, maybe because the iconic Pieta is Michelangelo's which is all white. This one just seemed SO colorful which made it kind of kitsch.

Missed this entry on my first pass. Great collection of photos -- kitschy religious = love it!Sort of brings religion into a contemporary light.


Hi Annie,

Thanks for the Torcello suggestion, that's brilliant! (It does look so beautiful.)

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