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Murals on Sacca Fisola

I love public art and street murals. Even if I don’t like an individual work of street art, I love that it’s there for everyone who passes by to see. So I was happy and somewhat surprised to see these modern street murals in the neighborhood surrounding the church of San Gerardo Sagredo.

Sacca Fisola

Sacca Fisola

Man with storm cloud and bathtub?

Sacca Fisola

These are two different murals, one on the building and the other on the wall. The contrast between them looks pretty cool.

Sacca Fisola

Sacca Fisola

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This is difficult isn't it? We like to think of La Serinissima as frozen in history. Here it is pushing aggressively into the 21st century. Why shouldn't it? But I don't want it to.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is such a great idea for a post. I also enjoy seeing street art and these are some wonderful examples of them. I'm not familiar with this part of Venice so I enjoyed looking at your photos. The contrasting murals on the building and wall ... very cool.

Thank you so much for sharing your photos.

Andrew, food for thought, for sure. I've read that there are so many regulations and so much bureaucratic red tape to do anything at all to change Venice, and I guess these murals were allowed because this neighborhood isn't really historic?

I don't think I'd like this art at all if it were in campo San Giacomo dall' Orio or somewhere like that. But as far as the 21st century goes, I'll take these murals over those horrible billboards anyday!

Kathy, thanks. I'd never visited this part of Venice until this past November; I went to see that modern church and the murals were a complete surprise.


You're right about the billboards, Annie. Those around the Bridge of Sighs are an abomination. We're going to Venice on 20th of this month. I do hope they've gone by then; they've been there long enough.

Andrew, how exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time. Agree completely about that eyesore mess around the Bridge of Sighs. It was still there in November, and I hope it's gone too. Please let me know!

I'm really looking forward to the day when all that scaffolding around the Accademia comes down. That project has been going on for years and years, it seems.

Safe travels!


Goodness - how long has the Accademia scaffolding been there?

I'm pretty sure it was there the first time I visited Venice in 2002! I guess they're making progress since the boards do seem to move around a bit; this past November, I could see part of the old church peeking out. But most of the place is covered over.


Very interesting street art, very unconventional (as Andrew noted.)

It just occured to me that I've never seen the Accademia without scaffolding! I wonder what it really looks like?

Sandra, I've seen photos and it's several different buildings. Part of it is an old gothic church that I can't wait to see with my own eyes!


You can see what the Accademia used to look like in Canaletto's 'Campo S.Vidal and Santa Maria della Carita' (The Stonemason's Yard). The Campanile has obviously long gone.


Those are so cool!! I love murals too, they are often so alive. Love the man and bathtub! lol I wonder what the symbolism in that one is supposed to be?!

This brings a new meaning to 'graffiti'...a nicer, gentler meaning..

i'm studing art and i can tell you that these murals were part of a project of Fondazione Bevilaqua La Masa in Venice during '80. Important artist worked on walls such as Angelo Zennaro and Paolo Pennisi that curated the catalog of the event in 1982
"Muri Dipinti"

Hi Elena, thank you so much for the information! I'm glad to know about them. I really like these murals a lot.

I just looked at your website, and I like your paintings very much too! Cheers, Annie

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