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Restoration Report

Thought I'd continue the tradition of giving you all an update on restoration projects and scaffolding sightings. I did a report after my 2007 trip and again in 2008. Many of the projects I saw in 2008 were still underway in November 2010.

The lurid billboards on the Palazzo Ducale and surrounding the Bridge of Sighs are still there. Sigh (sorry, I couldn't resist). But at least they are no longer the Coke ads that you can see in this article about Venice in Peril's plea to stop the advertising madness.

In case you missed it, the reactions to the Venice in Peril petition were varied. Lots of support but also an annoyed comment from the mayor of Venice saying that if you want to see the Bridge of Sighs, go home and look at a photo in a book. (!)

Palazzo Ducale

Honestly, the bridge looks so pitiful peeking through those billboards; I'd rather they just cover it up entirely.

Bridge of Sighs

The work on the Gallerie dell'Accademia continues. Last week in the comments on my blog, several of us realized that we've never actually seen the Accademia! I looked through my old photos, and they do seem to be making progress or at least they are moving the coverings around. In November, I could see the top of the former church of Santa Maria della Carita (one of the buildings that became part of the museum). I can't wait for this project to be completed (hope it happens in my lifetime).


Santa Maria della Carita~


And on the Grand Canal, everyone's favorite mysterious Renaissance palazzo, the Palazzo Dario, is covered. There was a rumor going around for a while that Woody Allen had bought this palace but it's not true. I think it's going to be an annex to the Guggenheim museum. Wonder how long this project will take?

Here's some cool trivia about the palace next door (the one you can see in the photo below, in between Palazzo Dario and the Guggenheim). See that gold seal above the door? It's the insignia for Wake Forest University which is located right here in North Carolina.

It's called Casa Artom and it used to be the US Consulate. Wake Forest bought it in the 1970's to use for study abroad programs. There's lots of info and photos of the interior on the Wake Forest site.

Palazzo Dario

Also on the Grand Canal, Longhena's Palazzo Giustinian Lolin is undercover. Much more tasteful as far as scaffolding goes.

An update on the churches undergoing restoration coming next week. Have a good weekend!

Palazzo Giustinian Lolin

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is a great report on the ongoing restorations in Venice. It was interesting to compare it to your previous reports too. I still wish I can see the Salute without the scaffolding. And your photo of the Academia brought back such memories. It was like that during my stay too. Walked by it almost every day. :) And I can't believe what the Mayor said, maybe out of frustration but still.I guess it is necessary for us to keep on enjoying Venice. I can't wait to get back.

Thanks so much for your report and for sharing all of your photos. Have a great weekend too.


Thanks for the updates. I like knowing beforehand what to expect to avoid any disappointments. Do you know what work is going on in the Piazza? Live-cam shots show a lot of scaffolding. Thanks for any info.

I think I need to investigate this first-hand ...

CE, there was a lot of work going on in the Piazza in November. Pretty much every building including the Basilica had parts covered over. And the bell tower restoration project is still going on too. The good news is that nothing is completely covered!

Thanks everyone for your comments.

A lovely blog and marvelously evocative images. The nice thing about Casa Artom [I am a WF graduate] is that you can look from their windows into the windows at Ca' Dario.

Hi Diana, thank you! I love your website about Ca' Dario; I'm glad you found my blog and appreciate you taking time to comment.

I hope that everyone who is lucky enough to stay in Casa Artom spends some time looking out those windows. :)

Diana Wright:

Write me off-line if you think you might be interested in the Serenissima group for Venetian scholars & lovers.

Thanks for the info on what's going on--or supposed to be going on--behind those coverings, and the link to Casa Artom, which made me wish I'd gone to WF.

There's a really dreadful new billboard that just went up on the western end of the Piazza. I'm going to sound like I'm 120 yrs old using this word, but here goes: I don't understand why the ads on the scaffolding can't be tasteful. I'd respect the companies much more if they announced their "generosity" in a discreet manner: clearly visible yet unimposing--instead of with these acts of aesthetic & architectural terrorism.

As it is, I make a mental note not to do business with any of the worst offenders (only to realize I never do business with any of them anyway!).

Steven, I agree completely with your wish for "tasteful." Not just in Venice...I don't understand these companies who think that as long as it's eye-catching, it doesn't matter how ugly and garish it is.

Sorry to hear that there's another eye-sore in the Piazza. :(

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