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Restoration report, part two

San Marco

If you compare the photo above to the one I took in 2008, you can see that they are working on the same side of the basilica but more is covered over now. There was also work going on inside San Marco; one afternoon the construction noise was so loud, I had to leave. But the good news is that I did get to see a part of the basilica that I'd never found open before - the chapel of St. Isidore. It's lovely. I hope they'll re-open the Cappella Zen someday; it's been closed for restoration ever since I began going to Venice.

The project to add a titanium belt to the foundation of the campanile of San Marco continues, and the base of the tower is surrounded (you can see this on the webcam). The article announcing this project estimated that this project would take up to two years, and it's now been three.

Other church news....the restoration of San Sebastiano continues but they are making progress. They have finished the sacristy and it positively glows. Breathtakingly beautiful. I really look forward to the day when this project is completed - that church will be a true show stopper. It's still open for visits and even though much of it is covered over, you can see enough to know what an amazing church it is.

A sign on the door (dated November 6, 2010) announced "work of the utmost urgency" on the ceiling of the left aisle of the church of San Simeon Grande, and so that one was closed. There was also work going on at San Silvestro, on both the church and the bell tower. The bell towers of San Salvador and Sant' Aponal are still under-going repair as is the one on Torcello. In 2008, I posted a photo that showed that the scaffolding surrounding the Scala Contarini del Bovolo had been removed; well, it's back now and that place remains closed too.

And then there's San Simeon Piccolo - another building I've never actually seen. The advertisement had changed but the scaffolding was still covering the facade in November. But maybe there's hope? Bert of Venice Daily Photo emailed to say that he saw the church "free at last" in that de Longhi coffee commercial that's been floating around the internet recently. Can anyone confirm that this church has finally been unveiled? Andrew is heading to Venice next week - please check for us if you get a chance!

I'm excited about this project going on next to Santa Maria della Salute - the restoration of the Patriarchal Seminary which hasn't been open in years and contains a collection of art from Venice's many demolished churches. This is the place that I walked through as part of the Festa della Madonna della Salute, and I can't wait to see more. When I was in Venice, I read an article that said it should reopen sometime this year.



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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great report and so detailed. I would love to visit the Patriarchal Seminary myself too. I really like the links you provided and Bert's Venice Daily Photo Blog is really cool.

Thanks so much for sharing all of these informative updates. Have a great day today.


I've got my assignment and will look out for San Simeone Piccolo. That's perversely larger than San Simeone Grande isn't it. Lesser and greater Saints Simeon I understand. Do you ever look on Durant and Cheryl Imboden's blog - venicetravelblog.com? They're great at answering questions about our beloved city.

Kathy, thanks! You have a great day too.

Thanks for accepting your assignment, Andrew! Yes, it's much larger but evidently it was the smaller one centuries ago when the two churches got their nicknames.

I have read that blog (and their dog's blog too - Maggie in Venice).

I'm sure you are counting down the days/hours now. Safe travels to you!

I don't think there is any other city in the world that has such avid lovers of its greatness as Venice. This is always evidenced by your highly informative and interesting posts, A! When I was a tour guide in Hawaii, we used the line - the most popular bird in Hawaii is the blue crane (meaning the abundance of building cranes always evident) - a little like Venice!

Thanks M. I didn't know you were a tour guide in Hawaii...I bet that was a happy job! Yes, the crane quip could easily apply to Venice too. Some people think they are an eyesore but I don't mind seeing them - it means they are taking care of the place.

Happy Friday!


Gosh, what a never-ending task it is to maintain and restore Venice's glory! And thank heaven there are people with the money and drive to keep up this work. (I hope they're slapping some serious levies on cruise ships, that would certainly raise awareness and essential cash.)


Roving reporter sending info! San Simeone's portico is still under scaffolding. But Annie, Annie, Annie- what a mess San Marco was. Drawing room of Europe? More like the Lumber room. Procuratie Vecchie covered; Basilica with scaffolding; pavement outside Caffe Florian up; campanile work ongoing. They were also getting ready for Carnevale so there were scaffolding stages being erected. Interestingly they've temporarily built a huge Baroque fountain in the middle. It looks as though it has always been there!

Andrew, thank you SO much for the update! I can't help but laugh at "lumber room of Europe" - and a Baroque fountain??? That's crazy.

I hope you're having a wonderful time. Thanks again for being our roving reporter!

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