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Madonna del Rosario

Dorsoduro 2237

Another sweet shrine. This one's in Dorsoduro, not far from the church of San Nicolo dei Mendicoli, still one of my very favorite churches in Venice. The relief is degraded but you can see that Mary wears a crown and is holding a squirmy Baby Jesus, and both of them are holding rosaries.

I have a rosary with reddish-pink rosewood beads that I bought in Vatican City. It's beautiful and smells just like roses...I got it out recently to see if the scent had faded and it hasn't. I also have a string of Hindu prayer beads that were a gift from a friend who got them in India. Always interesting when traditions like prayer beads cross faiths. I think they are used in Buddhism and Islam too.

I like how this shrine has two vases for flowers - they look much more modern than the shrine itself, but whoever added them put them to the side so the flowers wouldn't block the view of the sacred image.

Dorsoduro 2237

Dorsoduro 2237

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Kathy (trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is a very beautiful shrine. You have such a wonderful attention to detail. It is cool that they are seen holding rosaries. It is also amazing that the scent of your rosary is still there, makes me think how, so interesting. I'm so glad the person positions the flowers to the side so as not to block the shrine.

Thank you so much for sharing your photos.

Thanks Kathy. Hope you have a great weekend!


That is a rather large, squirmy baby Jesus! It's a lovely shrine, Annie.

It is interesting when religious traditions cross cultures. I've been fascinated by the work of American scholar Joseph Campbell and his studies on myths and themes that cross time and place -- universal, I guess. The Hero with A Thousand Faces was brilliant, I thought.

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