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PhotoHunt: Cage(d)


This week's theme is "Cage(d)."

Birds for sale in a shop window in Venice. Seeing animals in cages makes me sad. These little guys look very crowded in there. I hope they ended up in better living quarters later on.

birds for sale

When looking through the archives trying to find something for this theme, I noticed that some of my Venetian street shrines look like cages. Free the saints!

The statue inside this shrine is Santa Teresa di Lisieux. She's sometimes known as "The Little Flower" or as the "Saint of the Little Ways," and you've probably received an email about her (it's been floating around the web for years).

A couple of other photos of this shrine are here. It has a beautiful purple marble frame around it.

Dorsoduro 1523

You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend. Happy Spring!


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Comments (16)

The shrine looks lovely :) I agree about the birds. I too hope they find good homes where they have better living conditions.

Those birds do look terribly crowded. I find it sad to see caged birds too. Lovely shrine.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, the birds are so colorful and very pretty. I hope they found a roomier home too. And I love "the little Flower"...shrine. Wonderful choices for this week's theme.

Have a great weekend!


I love those colorful birds. I have a pair of parakeets, like the ones ont the left side.

Happy hunting and happy weekend.


I hope the little birdies found good homes!

Happy Weekend.


Love those colorful birds! and I also find it sad for them to be in cages...
Happy weekend!


We had budgies for a while but while beautiful they are not as interesting as dogs. When I was growing up in Australia we used to see big flocks of them, flying free.

Happy weekend.


I hope they are well taken care of even if they are caged.

Have a fabulous weekend!



Those birds are beautiful in your photo. Also love the "little flower" shrine.

NIce shot for the theme...happy hunting...


I'm with you Annie in that seeing caged animals often makes me sad. As for saints... ;D

The birds are very colourful. I prefer to see them flying in the sky.

such a lovely shrine. i find it really upsetting to see animals being caged too.

You're right - those birds don't look happy at all.

I was wondering how you'd manage to slide in a shrine picture - leave it to you to come up with a way! LOL

Have a great weekend.

Free the Saints! That is a great line. And great photos for the theme.

Those birds do look a little crowded. The shrine is very interesting.

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