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PhotoHunt: Machines


This week's theme is "Machine(s)."

Not the easiest theme in the world since I don't take many photos of machines. I did find a couple in the archives. Both of these made me nostalgic and that's why I took the pics.


My family had a VW Bug when I was a kid.


Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Japan and others dealing with this latest weather disaster.

You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.


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Comments (15)

Those are both great shots and I well remember the VW bugs that looked just like that one. Happy Weekend!

your first photo is so beautifully composed. both are great for the theme.

I love those vintage bugs! Two great choices for the theme :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, two very cool photos and perfect for this week's theme. I always wanted a VW bug, they are such cute cars. Great idea for the theme. Love the angle on your first photos. VW bugs and Carnival rides are great memories to have.

I woke up to the weather news and is just now catching up. I'll join you in sending good thoughts to all those affected.

Have a wonderful weekend too.


you did a fine job on this week's post.

did you know i've never been on a ferris wheel? was scared to be on as a child and still am as an adult :(


I miss the beetle. We had that too. :)

Have a fabulous weekend!



I love your fist pic and love the old VW too!! beautiful machines!


Love them both. The old VW had seen better days.

Happy weekend to you.

I absolutely love your take with the VW bug. It's one of my histories too - only a friend's sister had one with the pseudo-clutch. Do you remember those days? Love your take on this theme!

Nostaligia is good. *smile*

I was sure that you have pics of the unusual machines that they use in Venice to compensate for the fact that there aren't roads. You always keep me guessing. LOL

Have a super weekend.

I love the Ferris wheel - it is a great shot. My friend had a VW and we had lots of fun trips in it.

Fantastic composition on the first photo! I have never been on one as I am so afraid of heights! Love the old VW, had a "63 red bug. What memories! Great photos Annie, Happy weekend.


Great pics for the theme!

Very nice for the theme. I especially love the first one :-)

Very cool ferris wheel shot! That bug looks pretty beat up. We had a bug (a red one we called Judy) also when I was growing up.

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