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Return to Torcello

I was so happy to return to Torcello for so many reasons, and one of them was that I was eager to see if the cats were still there. When blogging about Torcello last year, I got a comment from someone who had just been there and hadn't seen a single cat, which had me wondering if perhaps Dingo (the rescue organization) had moved the Torcello cats somewhere else.

Well, not only were there plenty of cats....there were three kittens! Someone must have fallen between the cracks of the spay/neuter program. These three babies were adorable. The two tabbies were shy, but the little black-and-white guy let me pick him up and hold him for a while.

Torcello kittens

The Torcello cat houses had big white bows on them....was that to announce the birth of the kittens? More likely, someone who got married in one of the Torcello churches stuck those bows on there. Very festive.


There were plenty of adult cats too....some I recognized from previous visits and a few new faces too. But I didn't see the two cats I met in the cathedral in 2008 or the soulful tabby who took a walk with me. I hope that means that someone adopted those cats and they are now lounging on a sofa somewhere in a loving and comfortable home.

Torcello kitties

A cute little tabby posing with Attila's throne~


The last time I was on Torcello, I kept running into goats. No goats this time but chickens galore, including a flock of them hanging out with the cats in a grassy area next to the fondamenta. Lions and lambs, chickens and cats....Torcello is a peaceful place.


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The Torcello cats look so beautiful and well-cared for....Dingo must be doing a great job! (And the kittens are SO cute!)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, they are all so cute, and the three little kittens are so adorable. That is very cool that the wedding party left their white bows on their houses. Very nice to see that lions and lambs, cats and roosters can all live in harmony in such a wonderful and peaceful setting.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos.

LB :

OMG, those kittens are so adorable! You are inspiring me to make a bead painting of Torcello cats!


Oh!! Those kittens are adorable!!

Thanks for this lovely post - so nice to be able to visit Venice vicariously through your blog!


ps - really like the new header photo! :)

LB, a Torcello kitties bead painting would be awesome!

Thanks Anne. I like the new header too. Did a little bit of spring cleaning around the blog. :)

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