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A couple of San Antonio shrines on Burano

Thanks to everyone who has commented or contacted me after the tornadoes hit North Carolina this past weekend. I'm fine and so are all of my family and friends. It was such a scary storm - it rattled the windows of my house and the thunder scared the cats, but we came through it okay. My thoughts are with all of those who lost their homes and loved ones.

Now to Burano...

You have to change boats at Burano on the way to Torcello, and so I stopped and spent a couple of hours wandering around there, looking for shrines and cats. I also visited the church of San Martino which was closed the last time I was there.

I found a few shrines on Burano in 2008 and even more this time. Their shrines are particularly charming and very well-kept. It's really such a lovely island; that one main drag is kinda touristy but the surrounding neighborhoods are nice. I really love both of these shrines. More Burano photos coming soon.




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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I'm glad to hear that you are all okay. It sounds like it was a very scary experience. I'll join you in sending my thoughts to those who lost their loved ones and homes...

These are two lovely shrines. I enjoyed Burano a lot, but it did feel less authentic to me as compared to the island of Torcello. I still enjoyed visiting and found it very colorful and photogenic.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your discoveries on Burano. Take care.


No news about your weather probs at all in the UK. So glad you're safe.Here in the uk we talk about the weather all the time but - WE KNOW NUTTIN'. Totally agree about Burano. It's the tourist big sell. But you have to go- it has a charm.

Kathy, I agree. Burano doesn't have that magical, mystical vibe that Torcello has, but it's definitely photogenic and fun to explore.

Thanks for your well wishes after the storm!

Andrew, that's funny! Not surprised that our weather disaster didn't make the news over there. It wasn't just North Carolina though....it was a band of storms that started in the middle of the country and rolled through a bunch of different states (and we did have plenty of warning that it was coming, not that we could do much about it).

Burano is kind of like Venice proper...the more you get off the beaten path, the better it is. :)


Hi Annie,

I hadn't heard news about the tornados -- but I'm very glad to hear that you and the cats came through this okay. They must have been very anxious!!!!

Sweet shrines.

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