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PhotoHunt: Closed


This week's theme is "Closed."

I took the first photo last year from the boat on the way to Torcello, an island in the Venetian lagoon with a couple of amazing ancient churches. When I saw the scaffolding around the bell tower, I knew that it was still closed and when I got there, the sign confirmed it.

Closed for Extraordinary Maintenance. Sounds dire, doesn't it?

The only time I've found this tower open was in 2003. The views of the lagoon from the top are fantastic but that was before I had a digital camera. I'd love to climb this tower again someday.

It was also closed when I went in 2008 (being repaired after a lightning strike), and I learned from this article that it re-opened briefly in 2009 before being closed again because of a "real and serious risk of collapse." This 12th century tower is so fragile that they've stopped ringing the bells.



And here's a late winter camellia bud...closed at the time but not for long.


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Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend. Happy April!


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, extraordinary does sound dire. I hope that they are able to save and repair the tower, because you are so right, the views of the lagoon is fantastic. I have friends going to Venice in June and when they asked me which island to visit I said Torcello! I love the beautiful closed (but not for long) flower bud. Beautiful close up shot.

btw, you were right about AI. Have a great weekend!

Bizarro! I wonder what they mean by "extraordinary" maintenance. That is kinda scary! Love the bud pic, Spring is in the air :)

hope the bell tower will be opened soon. your photos are gorgeous.


May be next time you go visit it will be open and you'll be able to share what's inside.

Happy April.

The problems with the tower seem a little alarming! That bud is really pretty :-)


I think I need extraordinary maintenance. Retired today- woo-hoo!

Wow, Andrew, that's awesome! Congratulations to you. I'm looking forward to that day but it's going to be a while.

This isn't an April Fool's joke, is it? Do you all do that in the UK?

Happy Retirement!


The camellia bud is gorgeous. Hope the bell tower opens soon. :)

Have a fabulous weekend!



Oh the bud is gorgeous!!

Happy Weekend.


Extraordinary maintenance. LOL. Those Italians! Everything is always in restauro.

Have a good weekend.

Extraordinary maintenance does sound dire. Great choice and I also like the closed bud. Happy Weekend!


Interesting post -- and that flower bud photo is lovely! :)

Also your second photo answered a query I had about Venice: i.e., re whether it's friendly to those who rely on signs in English (as opposed to Italian) for information! ;b

Oh the flower is pretty. Happy PH! Mine is up.


So disapointing to not be able to see something that is closed... love the flower. Perfect finds for the theme!

"extraordinary maintenance" sounds hopeless.:p i hope they would restore the tower. i love the closed bud.


I sure do hope the extraordinary maintenance will keep the bell tower safe for those who want to go there :)

Annie, I would love to see the view from the tower if it ever opens to the public again. Your photo of the Camellia bud is so pretty, ah yes, spring is here at last. Happy week end!


You can only do April fools tricks until noon on the 1st. I really have retired- a strange feeling. A project I have is to build a model Venetian palace like a doll's house. If you have any ideas where I can find info on the interior please let me know. I've discovered that the kitchens were at the very top!

too bad you weren't able to visit it again but it's really good that they are taking extraordinary measures to repair the ancient tower. happy weekend!

Andrew, that sounds like a fun project. If I run across anything that might help, I'll let you know. Had never heard that about the kitchen!

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