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PhotoHunt: Dusty


This week's theme is "Dusty."

The guy in the orange shirt playing the mandolin is my cousin. His name is Dustin but everyone calls him Dusty. :)


Nothing to do with dust but here's a "Happy Earth Day, Happy Easter, Happy Spring" photo. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


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Comments (15)

My daughter had a friend named Dusty. I thought about him too but went another way. Happy Easter!

The name Dusty reminds me of the singer Dusty Springfield. :)
nice shot of Easter eggs. Happy Earth Day and enjoy your Easter break.


Now that's a different take on the theme.

Happy Easter to you too.

Fun take on the theme! Happy Easter to you too :)


Clever take on the theme. I don't think I know any one named Dusty. I'm sure your cousin has fun playing in the band. Happy Easter to you!!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, ooh you clever you. A cousin named Dusty is a very creative and cool take on this week's theme. And I love your Easter eggs....Have a wonderful Easter Sunday (and Earth Day and Spring). And speaking of cool, I'm going to see the Cool One in concert on Saturday. :)


So how did Dusty get his nickname? Does he like frolicking in dust? ;b

Hmm nice pick for the theme. Happy weekend.

What a great take on this weeks theme!! Love your Easter eggs too! Hope you have a Happy Easter too!


Great take on the theme!!

Happy Weekend.

That is great take on this week's theme. Looks like a fun band.

What sort of music do they play?

Mine involves a sure case of foul play!

Clever shot for this week's theme. I used to teach a student named Dustin . . . hmm . . . wonder if I have any old school shots hiding away somewhere. LOL

That has to be a unique picture for the dusty theme :-)


A creative take on this theme. Glad to hear you survived the nasty weather in NC.

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