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PhotoHunt: Cluttered


This week's theme is "Cluttered."

This is a work of art at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh. From a distance, it looks kinda cluttered. But when you move closer, you see that it's a bunch of little faces, 277 of them and no two alike. I think it's very cool. The name of the piece is "Congregation" and the artist is Ledelle Moe.

Congregation by Ledelle Moe

Congregation (detail)

Thanks for visiting and have a nice weekend.

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Comments (14)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great photos and a very creative take on this week's theme. Until you said they were faces I didn't know what they were looking at your wide shot and seeing your second close-up. Very cool and unique piece.

Have a wonderful weekend too.

amazing and unique art work. happy weekend Annie.

That is a very interesting work of art. Great choice for the theme!

That is so cool! A very interesting piece of art. Happy weekend and photo hunting Annie :)


Amazing art! Great take on the theme.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Liz @ MLC


Oh what a brilliant piece of art. I totally dig it.

Happy weekend.

It's wonderful. A great piece of art! Have a good weekend


You have beautiful clutter for the theme. I love those little faces. I could have pointed my camera in any direction in my house and found clutter. Instead I decided to go outside and show some of my husband's clutter. LOL


Agree with your assessment re the artwork. Thanks for bringing it to my (our) attention! :)

That is a very unusual piece of art. From a distance they look just like stones.

I never been that museum like it. Mine is up.


Congratulations on a great blog celebrating all things Venetian. Your project to enter every church is both enjoyable and informative, and will keep you happily occupied for many years! I should know; am even more obsessed myself. Countless trips and there are still churches I have never visited. Nice to know that others also light a candle at San Marco, grateful to have again returned to our paradise of cities. My next trip...August!! Happy to share Venice photos and ideas. All the best.

So very cool and creative - both the artist and the blogger!

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Christian, I'm so glad to meet another obsessed lover of Venice and her churches! I just recently noticed that San Fantin is being used as a venue for the Biennale this year....that's a church I've never found open!

My blog is in a bit of lull right now but I hope to have more time soon to get back to it. Thanks so much for leaving your comment!

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