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PhotoHunt: Missing/Missed


This week's theme is "Missing or Missed."

A beautiful 16th century relief in Venice that shows the Madonna and Child with saints Chrisopher and Rocco. Sadly, San Rocco is missing his head. You can click on the photo to see it larger, on Flickr.

This relief is over the entrance to a convent founded in 1427. In 1649, the nuns built a small church called Santa Maria del Rosario. I missed seeing that church since it was demolished in 1810.

And finally, I have a feeling that some of my fellow photohunters will miss this week's hunt since Blogger has had a meltdown. I hope it's fixed soon!


Thanks for visiting and have a nice weekend.

You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

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My blogger site is one of those that got affected. It's quite frustrating. Lucky for me, I also have a wordpress site where I posts all my memes.

Have a lovely weekend.


Beautiful! despite the missing head...
Strange blogger day today !
enjoy your weekend.

Very cool despite being headless! Happy photo hunt and happy weekend :)

A great idea for missing :-)

Twitter is also not working at the moment. I think we must be in meltdown...


Where is the relief? Beautiful!

Hi Janusz, you can find it at 2616 Castello. Cheers, Annie

Such a great photo for this theme! Have a super weekend! Hope the weather is better.


Hi Annie, Great take and photo for this week's theme. That was funny how you incorporated Us Blogger users:). I actually lost my recent post and comments too. Don't know where it went. I'm hoping it will reappear. :)

Have a great weekend.


Great post for this week!

Happy Weekend.

That's beautiful and perfect for the theme. I lost my original photohunt post and almost didn't do one but when blogger came back up I decided to do a new one and talk about the missing posts. Happy weekend.

Now that is a great take on the theme. Mercifully blogger is up and running again. Just in time too! Happy weekend


Blogger finally got fixed ... at least for now it is working... but I cannot get to tnchick's page anymore so don't know what the theme is until I see your post. Oh well, You have a great photo for missing. To lose one's head is bad.. ha ha.. I loved this whole post.

we went through the same route this week. glad my recent post is back but my comments are still missing. hope Blogger will fix the issues soon.

Lovely photo! Poor San Rocco...

I have the link to her alternate site on my blog (under the first photo). So far she doesn't have her photo up.

Mine is up.


So ironic isn't it that posts -- and, it still seems, the entire tnchick.com -- went missing on Blogger in the same week as we had the missing/missed Photo Hunt theme?

Glad you and those others who have already commented on this thread are playing this week though -- and I am too! :)

I love the architecture connected with religions but am not a follower of any. We have a beautiful Cathedral in my city (Chichester, UK) and it too has parts of the statuary and gargoyles Missing, but I chose cute animals this week.

After reading so many comments about useless Blogger, i'm glad I migrated to Wordpress long ago!

I experience the meltdown also with my class blog! Freaked out since it was my end of the year post but all turned out ok.

LOVE your choice for the theme :) There seems to be a lot of missing heads on sculptures, shrines, etc. that have survived in Italy.

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