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Riflessi in acqua alta

A little bit of acqua alta in the Rialto market area. Not bad enough to require boots but enough to catch some beautiful reflections. I was standing in front of the little church of San Giacometto when I took these.

I've been swamped at work lately but can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope to start blogging more regularly as soon as things calm down. Hope everyone is well!


The campanile reflected in this one belongs to the church of San Giovanni Elemosinario.


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Beautiful shots, Annie -- very creative! I'm glad to hear that work is going to slow down for you soon (or at least, become less swamped!)

Oooh, I like those shots very much.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I don't think I had read your post about San Giacometto yet so it was wonderful to learn more about the church. These are two beautiful photos. The reflections are so clear and sharp. I'm very glad to hear that work is beginning to calm down for you.

Thanks so much for sharing your photos.

Just love reflections - something kind of spiritual to them...great shots!


Really lovely Annie


Love your reflections!! Hope your work has settled down a bit, we are on the downward slope of our busy time, thankfully.

I'm almost finished the discernment leg of my ministry journey, by the way. Have my last interview this week, and then (God willing) I'll be named a Candidate for Ministry. Next up is a pile of studying to get my MDiv! Still trying to figure out what my study years will look like though. I'm enrolled to begin full time study in Sept, but...lately have been feeling a call to serve in a particular little rural church part time while studying part time. I preached there one Sunday and they were overwhelmingly warm and welcoming...and they are losing their current part time minister end of June so really need someone. Always thought I would have some studies under my belt before entering ministry, but perhaps not...darn those mysterious ways!! :)

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Wow, Anne, that is awesome! I love the idea of a "little rural church" and really hope that it works out for you. Please keep me posted!

Gorgeous photos!! Reflections are so cool to photograph.

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