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Fondamenta de la Misericordia

Cannaregio 3599

This large shrine is in Cannaregio alongside the enormous Scuola Nova della Misericordia, near a former abbey and the deconsecrated church of Santa Maria Valverde. It’s really more of a tabernacle than a shrine; it even has a marble prayer step where worshippers can kneel.

I hope to stroll by this one someday and see that they have cleaned the carvings on the base. These reliefs show the Madonna della Misericordia in the center, protecting two worshippers under her cloak, with a Venetian merchant ship on either side of her.

Cannaregio 3599

The wrought iron gate protecting this shrine is quite lovely but makes it challenging to photograph the image inside of a rather Byzantine-looking painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Child. This sacred image is relatively new because for centuries, the tabernacle housed a 14th century Gothic statue of the Pieta which was stolen in 1973. Story goes that the thief lost the statue when he fell into a canal while making his escape, but that might just be an urban legend. The book I Capitelli di Venezia has a photo of the lost statue that I scanned in.

Cannaregio 3599


Many thanks to Bert! After I posted this, he sent this wonderful photo below of the image inside and notes, "I love the way the Child's right hand has circled His Mother's neck. It's not right anatomically, but it still looks good." I agree!


Cannaregio 3599

A beagle snuck into this photo!

Cannaregio 3599

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's a very beautiful Tabernacle. That would be cool if you can see this relief cleaned up on your next visit. I bet it is going to look even more amazing.

Thanks so much for the background history and your beautiful photos and the link to that very informative website. I enjoy learning more about the Madonna.

Have a wonderful evening.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I forgot to mention that I love our little surprise guest in your last photo. :)

Thanks Kathy. It was funny - that beagle got in several other photos I took in this neighborhood too!


Hi Annie, Thanks for another great post. I love how Venice mixes the urbane with antiquity in such a charming way, and in such a beautiful and intimate setting. Only Rome comes close. Look forward to your next morsel...

Thank you Christian. I love the mix of the old and modern too!


What wonderful photos, Annie! I love this shrine, and it really does look Byzantine, quite beautiful.

Bert's closeup photo is great but I really love your's, through the iron grate, catching all the light on the gold leaf (or painted glass? I can't tell)

I have a few shrine photos from Venice to post on my blog and I've wanted to thank you SO MUCH for recommending the fantastic Venice B+B. It was so great -- my new favourite! Carlo and Wenyu were such wonderful hosts, it's a real find.

Hi Sandra, great to hear from you! I've been thinking of you and hoping that all is well. So glad to hear that you loved Fujiyama as much as I did! Looking forward to seeing your shrine photos and hearing more about your trip.

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