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Madonna of the Gondoliers

San Marco

There are a number of shrines in Venice connected in one way or another to the iconic gondoliers. This one houses a beautiful relief of the Madonna and Child, with God the Father above them raising his hand in blessing, and carvings of two gondolas below.

This shrine can be found on the Ponte della Paglia (the bridge that's always filled with tourists looking at the Bridge of Sighs). The sacred image is known as the Madonna of the Gondoliers (or Our Lady of the Traghetto) not only because of the gondola carvings but also because the shrine is placed so that it's clearly visible to gondolas crossing under the bridge.

It was nice of this gondola with pink roses to float into my photo when I was admiring the shrine. :)

San Marco

San Marco

San Marco

San Marco

This bridge was built in 1360 and was enlarged in the 19th century. The shrine was added in 1583.

San Marco

A John Ruskin drawing of the Ponte della Paglia and the Palazzo Ducale~


A vintage photo (1910) of the bridge~


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's a wonderful looking shrine and I love the two small gondolas at the bottom. That's a really beautiful capture of the shrine with the passing gondola with the pretty flowers (great timing). The lighting from the sun is perfect and adds a certain coolness to the image.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Very interesting a great unexpected shot of the gondola - don't ya just love that when it happens?

Cool - it must be interesting to stop and explore these shrines.

I wonder - what is the reponse of other tourists? Do they stop as well thinking that clearly you're 'on' to some sort of treasure that they should be checking out too?


Annie, you have such an eye for these hidden beauties!

Thanks for your comments everyone.

Jerry, I usually visit Venice in the winter when there aren't that many other tourists. I occasionally see other people photographing the shrines but not that often!

I spotted this little shrine and took photos of it while in Venice this summer. I bet not many people notice it. Cool photos!

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