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A few more...

A few more photos to wrap up this series of shrines with connections to gondoliers and boats...

This first one is inside the wooden kiosk close to Piazza San Marco where tourists go to book their gondola tour. The image inside is the icon from the high altar of La Salute with a little plastic gondola in front of her and the "ferro" (iron prow) of a gondola to her side.

San Marco

This one is in Cannaregio at the Santa Sofia traghetto landing.



Also in Cannaregio, this image of the Madonna is modern and funky! This one is at a squero (boatyard). Love the gold anchor!


This one at the Sam Samuele traghetto landing contains one of the strangest sacred images of all. It's a painting of "Our Lady of the Gondoliers," and in the background is the iconic view of San Giorgio Maggiore and the row of parked gondole near San Marco.

In the foreground is a Mother and Child. The child is holding a doll that looks very much like Pinocchio (it's hard to see in the photo but he has a long nose). I don't remember Pinocchio being in the Bible. :)

San Marco

San Marco

San Marco

And finally, a shrine I've posted before. There are a shrines at both ends of the Santa Maria del Giglio traghetto route, and this one on the San Marco side has a photo of a gondolier, standing by a nearby bridge. I figure it's a memorial to him. Very poignant.

San Marco 2467

If anyone runs into any other shrines in Venice with gondola carvings or whatnot, please let me know!

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I love the shrines in your photo collection. I really like them all, the white one is really beautiful and that funky modern looking one is so unique I also like that one too. The one with the pinocchio like doll does seem unusual. The shrine with the memorial I agree is very poignant.

I really regret not trying to ride a traghetto once during my stay in 2007. Maybe next time I will do it and look at these nearby shrines. They are all wonderful.

Thanks so much for sharing and making me aware of them.

Have a wonderful weekend.


I love the fact that someone has found a water bottle for the flowers.

Andrew, the water bottle is a nice touch, isn't it? :)

Kathy, I rode the traghetto a few times, not that often though. I was too chicken to stand up!


I took a group on the traghetto and, because she was standing and v. wobbly, our (female) churchwarden SCREAMED the whole way across. Hilarious.


Very interesting! I'm taken with the modern-looking shrine and the anchor (that seems to be dangling from a tree branch? Or am I just seeing things?!)

Andrew, that is too funny. I bet you were cracking up! I didn't scream but I was on a traghetto one time when it was very bumpy because of lots of motor boats going by.

Sandra, I wish I could have gotten closer to that crazy shrine and the anchor. That squero was behind a fence, I think.

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