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Sotoportego del Traghetto

San Polo 1099

I haven't been to every traghetto station in Venice, but most of the ones I have visited have a shrine. Some of them have both a Madonna housed in one of those green metal tabernacles on a pole in the canal and a regular shrine on dry-land too. This one is in San Polo, inside a sotoportego not far from the church of San Silvestro.

Another case of good timing....as I was admiring their shrine, three gondoliers came strolling down the way.

San Polo 1099

San Polo 1099

This shrine used to house an image of the Madonna Nikopeia, the much loved and revered icon in Basilica di San Marco. Today there's a statue of the Madonna and Child, hard to photograph because of the plexiglass protecting her.

San Polo 1099

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Hi Annie, I love this theme and that sotoportego is one of my favorites. So beautiful coming out of it onto the Riva Del Vin on a summer's morning...cool shadow one minute, glittering water the next. Only in Venice!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is a wonderful looking shrine and so well protected. And how interesting that most of the Traghetto stations has a shrine nearby. Very cool to see the gondoliers emerging from that tunnel.

Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great week.

Thanks Christian. I've got a few more shrines for this theme and then I'll move on to something else. :) I love roaming around San Polo - I always get lost but it's fun. I'd like to be strolling on the Riva del Vin right now!

Hi Kathy, I was happy to see those gondoliers too! It was fun to take a pic of them near one of "their" shrines. Hope you have a great week too.


I didn't realize that traghetto stations usually have a shrine -- it makes sense, of course!


Thanks, something else to be on the alert for, next time in Venice. So much to discover, so little time!


Wonderful entry, sotoportegos are so cool, and the shrine is just lovely! I think San Polo is my favourite sestiere. When Dave and I took the girls over in 2007, we rented an apt in Campiello dei Sansoni and had so much fun wandering around, getting lost!

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