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As I said when I first started this blog, I "collect" church visits and photos of street shrines in Venice. Those are still my main focus (along with cat sightings) but along the way, I've managed to put together a few other collections (and in most cases, I didn't realize I had a collection until I got home and started looking at my photos). There's the "angel with the pointing finger" collection, faces of Venice, and various/sundry others that I haven't posted yet.

A few months ago, I got a blog comment from Lawrence who is putting together his own collection of public art in Venice that shows St. George and the Dragon. While I haven't purposely gone out looking for all the St. George images (and there are over 40 of them), I have stumbled across a few so I compiled a photo set of them. Actually, my collection is Dragons. Most of them are with St. George, but there are a few other variations (dragons alone or with different saints).

I'm posting a few of them here, and the rest are in a set on Flickr. It took me a while to find them all in my archives, and there are still many more dragons and saints in Venice that I haven't seen yet. I'm looking forward to seeing Lawrence's collection after he returns from Venice with them!

Santa Croce 1590

Dorsoduro 1360

This one, from the side of San Marco, is unique in that the dragon seems to be winning. No idea who the man is, but it's definitely not St. George.

San Marco Dragon

My favorite dragon, with no saints in sight~

Corte Rosario (Castello)

I did find one more angel to add to that collection when I was in Venice last year. This one is on Giudecca.


There are several groups on Flickr where people can pool their collections with others: Windows of Venice is one, there's also a Venice Graffiti group.

There's even a group dedicated to one particular shrine in Venice! I laughed when I stumbled across this group and of course, had to add my photos of the shrine to the pool.

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The dragons collection is quite diverse! Brava to you to have the patience to sort these lovely icons into groups too. Do you use 'tags' in your photos? I'm about to do just that to see if I can sort them - sort of like a database, no?

Oh, good, another post from you! I'd be such a slave driver, I look every day to see what you've been doing!

Thanks for the links to other collections; the housework can definitely wait for another day.

Cheers! Yvonne

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wow your photo collections are very cool. You did an amazing job compiling your Dragon Collection in your Flicker Photo Album. I think it's so cool to have these interesting photo collections. And the one dedicated to just one shrine is great. Interesting to see the different angles taken of this one shrine. Very nice.

I like your favorite dragon. I remember that fun quiz you did on your blog using that photo. I think my answer was wrong. :)

Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

M, I tag everything now! I didn't at first (when I first went digital) and soon saw the error of my ways. :)

Thank Yvonne! I'm glad to know people are reading even though I've been too busy to blog much lately. I hope to get back in the groove.

Kathy, I really enjoyed looking at all the different views of that shrine too. Great idea to start a group to compile those. Hope you have a great weekend!


Great dragon collection -- I especially like the solo dragon, without the saint. Very menacing in a beautifully sinuous sort of way!

Your downward-pointing angels intrigue. I understand the scroll pointing, and it makes me now want to go back over some Annunciations to see what's happening with Gabriel's fingers there! I have an image of an altarpiece by Piero della Francesca beside me right now, with the angel and Mary both folding their arms over their chests. But that's unusual for Gabriel, I think.



Hey, thanks for posting all of your St. George and the Dragon photos. I've identified 42 St. G&Ds from various websites. Alas, my Fall trip to Venice has been postponed until the Spring. I'll be photographing as many as I can when I'm there - and you know I'll share when I get back. I've always shot film in Venice before but now I have a digital camera so that will make it easier to share.

Hopefully some of your blog visitors will also share locations for St. George and the Dragon reliefs of which they are aware! (There might be more than 42 out there.)

Best regards,


Sandra, I know the painting you're talking about. The folded arms ARE unusual.

Hi Lawrence, I'm sorry that your trip got delayed, but spring will be here before we know it. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and yes, I have a feeling that there might be more than 42!


I loved seeing these photos. I can't travel due to health so this is a real treat for me.
Thanks for sharing.

Phe57, thank you for your comment!

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