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PhotoHunt: Symbolic

This week's theme is "Symbolic."

What a crazy week. First an East Coast earthquake (my first experience with the earth moving and it was freaky!). Now Hurricane Irene on the way. Those of us who live in North Carolina have lots of experience with hurricanes, but that doesn't make it any less scary. I've got all my supplies and am ready to ride it out. Be safe if you're in her path!

On to this PhotoHunt...

The lion is the symbol of St. Mark (San Marco), and so ever since San Marco became the patron saint of the Venetian Republic over a thousand years ago, the lion has also been the symbol of Venice.

There are hundreds of lion images all over Venice. Many of them are relatively modern because after the Venetian Republic fell to Napoleon, the new regime ordered the destruction of the Venetian lions and sent stone-masons out to chisel them away.

This one is on a flag pole outside the church of the Redentore; it was erected in 1928.


Not sure what the story is with this one, but it's a cool looking lion.


A few ancient lions did manage to escape the destruction, like these two which date to the 13th century and can be found on the palazzo Marcello dai Leoni. These lions might have come from an older incarnation of the nearby church of San Toma.



Thanks for visiting and have a happy weekend. You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.


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Comments (17)

What a great collection of lions. Good choice for the theme.

You're right, the dogwood flowers are the state flower of NC.

That earthquake was freaky. I thought a jet has passed to close to my house, maybe even crashed, when my neighbor called and asked if I felt the earthquake. Then I realized what it was.

Stay safe this weekend.


very interesting. another educational stop for me.

stay safe.


Great collection of photos. Nice take on the theme.

Be safe!

Liz @ MLC

Hopefully the storm will not be as bad as they are predicting. It is scary especially after the earthquake. I agree stay safe!

Love your choice of pics this week, they work well with the theme. Lions are very symbolic :)


Love your choice for the theme, and I learned something new today!!


Wonderful collection. I do like the old ones particularly. Happy weekend


That little earthquake was a surprise for sure. I first thought something was wrong with me, until I realized the whole house was shaking. LOL We're all ready for the storm.

Your lions were perfect. Your photos beautiful as usual.

Stay safe!!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, very cool photo collection of lions. I enjoyed reading about the history on these images throughout Venice.

I'm sorry about the earthquake you all experienced and I'm just catching up on the news about Hurricane Irene. Very scary. I'm glad you are stocked up. Hope Joey and the girls won't get too spooked by the wind and rain. Wishing all of you on the eastcoast a safe weekend.


Great photos, Annie.

I hope the hurricane and aftermath pass you by, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and your family (including, of course, the cats!) Stay safe and let us know how you are doing!

Love your sequence of photos as well as the subject matter. Stay safe! We are awaiting Irene in Boston.


So glad to see that some ancient lions did manage to survive the Napoleonic era cull. Also am glad to see you still blogging -- have read that there might be power cuts and such in the eastern US as a result of the expected mighty hurricane. Take care and try to have a good weekend amidst it all!

lovely series of lions. sorry to hear about the disasters that come your way. stay safe and take care Anne.

A very interesting post. Thank you :-)

In Brussels we have lots of Lions to and I have my special Lion in Waterloo on the hill !


very nice, love liions!!

yup . . . there are many lions in Venice!

Hope that you managed to ride out Irene without too much damage!

Thanks everyone! Irene made for a long day of wind and rain, but my area came through it much better than others did. Glad she's gone!

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