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PhotoHunt: Covered

This week's theme is "Covered."

The Basilica di San Marco in Venice is covered with marble, mosaics, and funky carvings. I never get tired of looking at it, and no matter how many times I visit, I see something new each time. Here are a few details from the exterior~

San Marco

San Marco

San Marco

San Marco detail

San Marco

Thanks for visiting and have a happy weekend. You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.


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I'd probably use up a whole 2 gig of memory photographing that basilica with all the nooks and crannies that beg to be snapped.

Happy hunting.

They are beautiful and yes hypnotic in a strange way. I would love looking at them over and over again too :)


Beautiful works of art. Great take on the theme.

Have a fabulous weekend.



The last photo shows slabs of marble that have been sliced like wood veneer. Can you imagine how the workmen could saw marble without power-tools 1000 years ago? I would also guess that they did not have diamond-tipped saws either.

It's amazing the play of colors and light - a great post on mosaics. I think the light of Venice adds to this appeal.

I love mosaics and it's so cool how many different ones are on this wall. Happy weekend.

The colours are absolutely glorious. Great take on the theme Annie!

Bless your socks! Those are lovely detailed photos.


Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, the colors and details are so beautiful. I love your 3rd photo. It really looks very cool in your blog header too. The marble is amazing. How wonderful to be covered with such beauty.

Have a great weekend.


Beautiful interesting photos..

i can understand why you can never get tired of looking at them. such amazing work of art.


Absolutely gorgeous!! and fantastic shots.


Cool artworks. happy weekend. Mine is up.

I'l like that as well - those cruise ship folks who just rush by . . . imagine what they are missing!

Have a great weekend.


Lovely post Annie. Linked to this theme, I was thrilled to see most of the scaffolding was off the Accademia when we were there last week.

Andrew, thanks for that great news! That place has been covered for a long time. I can't wait to see it!

Annie: I can't quite figure out what is happening with your comments on my blog. I know you have been kind to comment but each time I 'publish' they aren't showing up. Could be totally my use of a mobile phone too--sorry!

Menehune, thanks for letting me know. I've been having trouble commenting on Sandra's new blog too. Not sure if it's me or Blogger but I'll keep trying. :)

LOVE these photos! I took a ton of shots of these mosaics also when I was there this summer. Such an amazing building.

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