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PhotoHunt: Waiting

This week's theme is "Waiting."

These were taken in Venice on a vaporetto landing, a platform on the water where you catch the boat. Public transportation at its finest.


While I was waiting for the vaporetto, I watched these gulls dive bomb some bread.

venetian gulls
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Comments (17)

Looks like the birds greatly benefit from those having to wait for their ride :)

Great shots for waiting.

I'm with you, Pagan Pride Day was a new one on me.

Happy Weekend!


Lovely shots, I wouldn't mind waiting there :)



How nicely you captured the gulls in action.


Beautiful photos. With that wonderful views, I wouldn't mind waiting as well.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Liz @ MLC


Usually when I'm "waiting" is when the camera comes out. You had some beautiful scenes to photograph while you waited.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, it's so cool how you captured the reflections of even the birds flying in the air and I think the guy peeking out on the side seems to be having fun. :) But then again, when you are in Venice, it's hard not to smile. Love the action shot of the birds dive bombing. Wonderful photos and an excellent take on the theme.

Have a great weekend.


Hi Annie --

Not having been to Venice (yet), the guidebooks make vaporetto taking sound intimidating (as I imagine having to rush to get on and off, and of their being on the packed side.) Take it that it's actually not the case?!

it's ok to wait when you're in Venice.:p love your seagull shot.

I never mind waiting for the vaporetto (unless I'm on my way to the train station). Love your photo—and all your shots of Venice.

gorgeous shots of the gulls. it makes waiting so worthwhile. :)

They are cute. happy PH!

A: Great photos, especially the gulls. Captured their 'skills'.Love the photographic effect of the water too.

Love the reflections too.

A nice interesting scene whilst you were waiting.

Cool photos! Wish I was waiting at one of those vaporetto stops right now.

I adore that shot. Many things are happening there.

YTSL, with the vaporetti, it's like buses on the roads, it depends on the time of the day, and also if it's high tourist season. There's always another vaporetto coming along, not long to wait. You do have to plan your exit from the vaporetto, you don't want to be caught way down the back when your stop comes up!

Like public transport anywhere in the world, once you've figured it out, the world is your oyster. :-)


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