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For Yvonne's Collection

Yvonne of Hello World is blogging live from Venice for the next several months. Before she went, she posted some photos of her collection of "pissotte" and now that she's there, she's posting "pissotta of the day" photos. In case you don't know, a pissotta is a triangular block designed to discourage public urination; you can find them in corners all over Venice. It's a hilarious thing to collect, and I'm amazed at how many she has found so far (and the variety!).

So in all the thousands of photos I've taken in Venice, I've only got one photo of a pissotta. This one is nestled next to a church, and has a cross and the symbol of Calvary carved on it. Yvonne, I'll be happy to tell you where to find this one if you don't already have it. :)


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That's a beauty! Yes, please tell me where it is, I'm so darn bad at keeping track of where things are. I've got so many pissotte up my sleeve, I'll never run out!

They haven't really been on my radar but I'm sure I'll notice them all over the place next time I'm in Venice, thanks to you!

Walk to the right side of Santa Maria della Fava to find this one. Cheers, Annie


How interesting is that? I've never before heard of the pissotte...but it does make a lot of sense! Now, I'll be keeping an eye out for these.

Sandra, let us know if you find them in Rome! I can't believe you're only a couple of days away from moving there. Safe travels to you!


The cross makes an added incentive not to use the corner for 'an inappropriate purpose'.

Andrew, I would hope so!


I was rather shocked that a cross would be placed right there--almost like a target--but Andrew's remark about it as a deterrent makes more sense. Except for the irreverent and impious, I suppose, of which Venice seems to have had it's share.

Steven, I didn't know what it was when I took the photo, I just noticed the cross. This particular one looks like a place where you could sit down to rest. :)

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