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PhotoHunt: Handwritten

This week's theme is "Handwritten."

A handwritten sign welcoming us to "the most beautiful bookshop in the world". A charming place called "Libreria Acqua Alta" in Venice.

Acqua Alta bookstore

Acqua Alta bookstore

Many of the books are piled in boats like this one.~

Acqua Alta bookstore

The name "Acqua Alta" (high water) is apropos since the rear entrance faces a canal; the water was coming inside the day I took this photo. The life preserver is a nice touch!

Acqua Alta bookstore

I love this place not only because I love books and bookstores (and especially funky shops like this one) but also because the owner has 5 cats who are often lounging about. I met some of them when they were kittens, but they are all grown-up now.

I guess that many of these books began in handwritten form, before they were published, but I imagine that's changing in this computer age of ours. Does anyone hand write anything anymore? I do but not that often.

bookstore cat

Thanks for visiting and have a happy weekend. You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.


Acqua Alta bookstore

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Comments (17)

Looks like a place I'd want to hang about :)

The well named bookstore : )
You actually saw it with the acqua alta!
Have a great weekend!

What a wonderful bookstore. You took some great shots of it. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!


My kind of place.. love old books.


Hmmm... am not sure about the most beautiful bookshop in the world claim but it still is a place that I wouldn't mind spending time in... ;)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, at first I was thinking that the boat with the pirate to hold the books was a cool idea and then scrolled down to your acqua alta photo and thought it is practical too. Looks like a fun bookstore to check out.

Hope you're enjoying your long Thanksgiving weekend.


great post. i particularly love the cat photo.


What a charming bookstore! I love these places, I can spend hours there without noticing it...Lovely take on the theme.

What a wonderful place! I used to buy and sell second hand books so this kind of shop suits me down to the ground, especially with the cats being in residence.

That book store looks fascinating. I would love to visit it.

Love it - this is a bookstore that I would enjoy visiting. I can't believe that I have missed it in my trips to Venice over the years.

such an interesting place! I'd probably stay there for hours!

I all forgot about books and handwriting when I saw this cute picture of the cat in the basket, lol !

I love to visit bookshops too. This one has character and I would defintely spend time in it.

My kinda place too - had to laugh when I got to the cat. Could spend hours in a bookstore such as that one - bet there were books with old maps...hmmmmm..great post, as usual!

Me again - I think that cat is featured in the video link I copied to my blog, Annie. At least the bookstore in the video linked looks familiar.

M, thank you! I'm sure it's the same bookstore. Loved the video!

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