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PhotoHunt: Wet

This week's theme is "Wet/Rain."

A fondamenta is the walkway next to a canal in Venice; this one is getting wet because the water is rising and spilling out of the canal. The light was right for some crazy reflections.

canal and reflections

When acqua alta (high water) occurs, you can walk on these temporary high-rise sidewalks (passerelle) to keep your feet from getting wet~

walk this way

Thanks for visiting and have a happy weekend. You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.


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Comments (14)

Great take on the theme! I am glad I don't live on a lagoon... or a floodplain!

Those are both great for the theme. I love the reflection in the first shot. Happy Weekend.

The reflections in the first photograph are stunning.


I guess this is the sacrifice one has to pay for living in such a beautiful city. Perfect for the theme.

The reflection is a great shot. Both great takes for the theme :) Happy weekend and photo hunt :)


Love the photos you used for the theme. The first one is really special. Love the reflections.


Hi Annie --

I was thinking of going to Venice for my annual long vacation this year but have to admit that the aqua alta (and fear of economic crises bringing about strikes and such) made me elect to go elsewhere instead. Your photo of the high rise side walks makes it look not so bad though -- hope there are plenty of those around during aqua alta!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I love the reflection in your first photo. Two great choices for this week's wet theme. Ah the memories your photos bring of my one very interesting experience with Aqua alta.

Have a great weekend.

How did I know you have shots of aqua alta this week? *smile* I almost went there as well but then I found some other shots showing flooding a bit closer to home.


Love your Venice shots and take on the theme!!

Love your take on the theme, Annie! This is what Venice looked like the last time I was there, a year ago exactly—and got to spend time with Pierre from VDP (a bonus). I'm a regular follower of your excellent blog and have learned a lot from you!


I'm glad you didn't fall in like Katharine Hepburn did at the same spot where you took the first photo.
Your followers should not be deterred by acqua alta - it doesn't last very long, and most of Venice is unaffected.

Venice is a lovely city. Nice pics and nice interpretation of the theme.

Hi Annie: Love your reflections in the first photo. I guess I should count my 'blessings'. Been to Venice 3 times and never hit the aqua alta!

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