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PhotoHunt: Christmas Decorations

Thank you to TNChick for hosting PhotoHunt for all these years, and thanks to Gattina of Keyhole Pictures for keeping it going now that TNChick has retired. Here's a list of upcoming themes.

This week's theme is Christmas (or other) Decorations, and I've got a couple that I took in Venice. I've never actually been in Venice on Christmas Day, but I have traveled there several times in December.

Speaking of, A Lover of Venice has a new page on his website called "Christmas in Venice" with some wonderful photos of the holiday lights and some amazing presepi (nativity scenes).

Here's a miniature snow village that I saw in a hotel window; it was animated with sleighs going around and people skiing. Very cool.

snow village

I know I've posted this little blue tree before, but I love it so much. It reminds me of Charlie Brown's tree. You can also see Santa hanging on the wall behind the laundry.

blue christmas

Thanks for visiting, have a good weekend, and happy photohunting!

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These are both great shots. I love the little blue tree. It reminds me of what I've done recently. I used to have the biggest tree I could get in my house but as I've gotten older some years I cut very small "volunteers" out of my yard. Since I have so many ornaments, I've hung them on clotheslines in the house when I used a little tree. I'm so slow this year I don't know what I'm going to do. Glad you played!


I like your little blue tree and the first photo is so pretty.

I took the same Christmas tree after the snow last December : ) Nice memories...
Have a great weekend,
Take care

Hi Annie, very cool choices. I love your cute Charlie Brown tree too. That's such a great visual with the hanging laundry and other window decorations. That snow village is also very cool.

Thanks so much for leaving me the links for the Photo Hunt and tomorrow's theme. I checked out her blog and it's fantastic. And now I'm off to find my contribution. :) Have a wonderful weekend!


Love the blue Xmas and the little blue tree, just lovely!

Those decorations are very pretty :-)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I forgot to mention that I really loved seeing that Christmas in Venice link. It looks like a very special place to be during the holidays. Thanks so much for sharing that link.

Hope you're having a wonderful holidays so far.


Annie, these are all so lovely. I find the blue tree really cute. Mine is up as well.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Holding Hands

These are lovely choices for the theme and definitely inspiration for the holidays :)

Both shots are very nice ! So full of atmosphere and the hanging laundry together with the little Christmas tree is so typical !

even more than the christmas tree, i love seeing the laundry hanging out to dry!

Of course, I'm in love with the laundry AND the Christmas tree!

The Christmas scene looks like a painting.

Coffee is on and thanks for stopping by earlier

The miniature snow village is like a cover of a Christmas card. It'

We moved to Australia, from Canada, in 1966. I have NEVER liked Christmas in Australia, so hot, no snow, etc. I am loving the pre-Christmas events in Venice, it has renewed my enthusiasm for the season.

Thank you for the theme and the photos.


The little village is enchanting, but I am completely smitten with the laundry photo!!

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