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PhotoHunt: Animal

This week's PhotoHunt theme is "Animal."

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated."- Mahatma Gandhi

Everytime I read this quote from Gandhi, I can't help but get a little bummed. Let's just say that there is MUCH room for improvement here in the USA.

Three great organizations that I supported in 2011:
Independent Animal Rescue
Best Friends Animal Society
Mercy for Animals.

Being a passionate animal lover made this theme hard for me since I've got so many photos...hundreds of my own cats and then lots of animals I've met elsewhere. I decided to go with a few I took recently at the Museum of Life and Science.

This is Christopher, a Barred Owl. Many of the animals at the Museum have handicaps or other issues that make it impossible for them to live in the wild. Christopher is blind in one eye. I love owls and think Christopher has such a soulful face.

Barred Owl

This is Max the steer, a friendly guy who seems to enjoy people visiting and talking to him.


I love the underbite smile this sheep has! She was very interested in having her photo taken.

under bite

Thanks for visiting! You can find more photohunters and see a list of upcoming themes on Gattina's website here.


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Comments (13)

Great organizations to be involved in. I love each of these shots. The owl does look very soulful.

Love your choice of pics, and yes there is much that we as humans can do in order improve the way we treat other creatures we share our planet with.

Love your last picture of the sheep~ Cute~

Animals play an important part in our earth. We should love them~

happy Hunting~

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, awesome quote and a very heartfelt post. I adore all of your photos from soulful Christopher, friendly Max, to your willing model. I want to call her curly top for her beautiful curls on top of her head. So adorable.

Thanks so much for sharing your photos of these beautiful animals and your informative links Annie. Have a wonderful weekend!


Lovely pictures, Annie. For some reason, Max *does* look like a Max but hmmm, somehow Christopher is not quite the name that comes to my mind when I see that owl... he seems more like a quiet Matthew, somehow! ;b

They a good choice for the theme. happy SPH!

beautiful photos and great take on the theme. it seems like these animals enjoy posing for a photo shoot. happy weekend Annie.

All the pictures are so nice and cute ! I love owls especially because cats sometimes have the same face, lol !

I love them all! Poor Christopher, what a shame he has to be cooped up like that, even if it's for the best.

Christopher, the owl appeared like he was thinking what was all the commotion and now had to turn his head to check it out. :D lovely shots. Here's my Saturday Snapshot


Excellent shots! Love the "smile" on that adorable sheep. Owls are so mysterious, love them. And oh those deep eyes on Max, what a beauty! You surprised me, I thought I would find cats in your animal post! Great resources and so true that we must treat all creatures with dignity and care.

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