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PhotoHunt: Dark

This week's PhotoHunt theme is "Dark.."

An appropriate theme for me today. This morning before the sun came up, there was a thunderstorm that caused a power outage in my neighborhood. It was completely dark and I had to creep around my house for a while to find my hurricane lamp and flashlights, but thank goodness I'd already made coffee before the electricity went out.

It was too dark to take any power outage pics, so here are a couple photos of Venice after dark (with a full moon).



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OMG, am totally smitten by these images. I've never seen the canal shot like this before. Thanks and enjoy the weekend.


Gorgeous night shots! Have a fabulous weekend.

Liz @ MLC

Wonderful evening shots from Venice. I didn't lose power but the rain was so hard it sounded like my house was being shot with bullets. Then the sun came out, partly, and then another storm blew in. Wild weather. Happy weekend.

Beautiful and evocative!

Hi Annie, I'm so sorry about your morning blackout. What a relief your coffee was made before the power outage. :) I can so relate.

Your photos of the Venice canals by moonlight are so beautiful. I love the reflections of the light on the water. Very cool take on this week's theme.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh, yes, a good thing you had the coffee made, and also a good thing you had these gorgeous photos of Venice after dark. That's one of the places my husband insists we are visiting, and your photos make it particularly enticing!

Another coffee fanatic! Annie, these are absolutely wonderfully evocative shots of Venice. Thank you for sharing ... m

These photos are awesome. I can imagine myself cruising the waterways of Venice under the full moon and without electricity. It is more romantic :)
By the way, I noticed that we have different themes for PH this week. I guess I went to a different PH site :D I was away for too long that I'm not aware of what happened to the original site.

OMG ! I swear I didn't choose the theme on purpose ! but your pictures are beautiful. Can imagine that it was quiet noisy too !


Great shots. Love seeing Venice through your camera lens.

So beautiful! You made me want to visit Venice :). Hope the rest of your day is bright!

Gorgeous pics. :D I hope I can visit Venice one day. :D Here's mine.

Ooooooh! Beautiful photos!

I am also most worried about coffee if the power goes out :)

This is the kind of dark that I like to be in there. Very serene and peaceful. Thanks for the visit.

Photo Hunt


Gorgeous, mysterious images. Love that first photo especially! Would be a beautiful framed print.

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