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F is for Faces

A couple of years ago, I posted some photos of the Faces of Venice and since this is "F" week, I thought I'd share some more. Some of these might be familiar if you've been to Venice before. Some of them are fading beauties, others are just strange! All of them can be found outside while walking around the city.

San Zaccaria

Castello 2570

San Marco

Castello 2581 A


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Comments (17)

These are FASCINATING - some beautiful, some quite homely, but all interesting.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Fantastic faces of Venice. They are all great. The one on the boat is particularly unexpected, almost as if it's the boat's captain. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team

Very bizarre but arty faces. Love the one of the man in the boat and the one of the young girl or woman with the dark around her features gives her a sinister appearance.

Fabulous post. I must admit that when I think of Venice I NEVER think of faces. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is a wonderful photo collection of faces in Venice. I liked your other collection that you linked to also. They all have such unique and interesting expressions too.

Have a wonderful evening.


The old man in the boat looks like Confucius to me! Wondering if the second last one is actually the Christ rather than a woman? The long hair and the hand raised in a gesture of blessing looks much like the way Jesus is often portrayed. (Or...maybe I just see Jesus in everything I meet! lol)


Hi Anne, I thought that the letter "M" on either side indicates that it's Mary. But I don't know for sure! I'd love to know more about this piece. Annie

I love your faces, even if it is made of stones it has an expression. ^_^

Letter F

Fantastic post. I have not seen many of those faces. Is the last one next to San Trovaso? I do not recognize the face, but I think I recognize that yellow!
Is the first one on Palazzo Lezze by the Misericordia Nova?
I love the one on the boat!


Thanks Daniel. The one on the boat is funny, isn't it? Yes the last one is on that mustard-colored palazzo next to San Trovaso (Casa Brass, maybe?). And the first one is on the facade of San Zaccaria. Cheers! Annie

Interesting faces.

Forty Three

Chubskulit, ABC Wednesday Team

Wonderful. These are strange yet artistic.


Fabulous post - one day I'm hoping to get to Venice and the lake areas. One part I missed when I was in Italy 5 years ago.

abcw team


Fantastic and fascinating faces! love your fine choices!

http://maremag.blogspot.com/2012/02/f-is-for-fish.html ">F is for...


From ornate to simple, such marvelous variety. I find the 'M' one slightly spooky, which I think may be the effect of the weathering of the stone.


You're right...some of the faces are a bit bizarre.
Still, nice photos.
Thansk for sharing.

A Flower In My Mirror

Hello Annie, thank you for your visiting and join to Venetiamicio.
I put your blog in my links but I can't find where I can do the same on yours ?
At soon

Another great Venetian collection. I don't know how you decided from your seemingly vast collection but these are entertaining! Thanks for sharing. m

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